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Zankan EP01-02 [RAW] [UNCEN]

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#1 Dizzy



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Posted 06 October 2009 - 04:18 PM

Zankan EPISODES 01-02
(魔討綺譚 斬奸 / Matou Kitan Zankan / Zankan, Cazadores De Demonios)
[RAW - No Subtitles, Japanese Audio / UNCENSORED / COMPLETE]

TAGS: Over 18 (18禁) / Action (アクション) / Adult Anime (アダルトアニメ) / Beautiful Breasts (美乳) / Black Magic (妖術) / Blowjob (フェラ) / Comedy (喜劇) / Cute (カワエエ) / Demon (悪魔) / Double Penetration (穿通ダ ブル) / Fantasy (ファンタジー) / Fighting (格闘) / Hentai (ヘンタイ) / Magical Girls (魔法少女) / Monster (怪物) / Rape (レイプ) / Science Fiction (SF) / Sex (セックス) / Suckling (哺乳) / Tanned (日焼け) / Tentacles (触手) / Uncensored (無修正) / Vampires (バンパイア) / Warrior Woman (女戦士)

PLOT: At the end of the century night has been turned into a hellish nightmare where monsteres and demons roam the earth praying on humans. The humans attempt to form a resistance, unfortunately even with their special talents they are no match for the demons that plague them. But with the help of three unlikely warriors; three beautiful magical demon girls summoned to cleanse the earth of evil, humanity may just survive.
[Source: DizzyAngelDemon]

- [hshare.net].Zankan.EP01.[RAW].[UNCEN].avi
- [hshare.net].Zankan.EP02.[RAW].[UNCEN].avi

[center]魔討綺譚 斬奸 全集
Matou Kitan Zankan Complete
hshare.net.Zankan.EP01-02.COVER.jpg .jpg]

Zankan Episode 01 - The Incubus`s Trap / Zankan Episode 02 - And So, The Gate Opened
hshare.net.Zankan.EP01.SCREENSHOTS.jpg .jpg]hshare.net.Zankan.EP02.SCREENSHOTS.jpg .jpg]

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#2 AnimeWow



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Posted 11 October 2009 - 09:01 AM

This looks great! Thanks for sharing DizzyAngelDemon. :-)

#3 Fujino



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Posted 09 December 2009 - 02:28 PM

Indeed, this one also looks awesome... :3

Thank you for sharing !