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Scarlet Blade

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Posted 16 March 2013 - 05:02 AM

Hi all. At the moment, Scarlet Blade (a public futuristic mmorpg) is considered 'hentai' by a few of its beta-testers because of total nudity, plus sexy underwear dropped by monsters (details below, and i will try to attach a snapshot to this review). So here is a review about how to reach the point you unlock that 'hentai' feature. I fear it will get censored once the beta ends, so feel free to delete this review if it happens.

- The game name:
Scarlet Blade, free to play futuristic mmorpg, downloadable for free (google it), 18+ rated game

(2Gb to download expanding over 7Gb on hard disk)


- A summary of the game (no spoilers)

Nuclear fallout over Earth and mankind close to extinction because of some alien invasion. A 'mother', created by a human scientist, an half artificial woman gives birth to many sexy women (their species is called Arkana) considered them selves half artificial. These sexy soldiers become the fresh new troops to defend mankind and are called 'Royal Guards'.

Some of these Arkana break free from 'Mother' orders and become 'Free Knights' (and turn a bit evil).

This mmorpg offers pvp moments (you register into a waiting queue every 2 hours) and only a fixed number of registered players on both factions get a message to comfirm in 5 seconds if they join the pvp brawl or not.

At level 10 a quest gives you a futuristic bike to mount.

At level 17 a quest gives you a giant mecha warrior. During pvp you can temporarily transform your lady toon into that warrior. 6 classes (same look n feel on both factions).

- Why you liked/disliked it
Graphics of the ladies are gorgeous. No need for exceptional powerful graphic cards and still the world of scarlet blade is beautiful. The very sexy outfits will be appreciated by hentai games players.

About the game itself, I played pvp at lv 17, and soloed the long quest series to level up to lv17 in 6 hours.

Playing in parties of several players is possible but I didn t try it. Only time will say if big raids are possible and fun, especially after you join a guild.

I liked the fact that you receive automatically on screen most of the time the next quest to do (npc calls you on radio, so you don t have to return each time in city to finish quest and take the next).

So you do quests in a officient way always progressing along the same road (at least in first continent). 

Good point is you can auto travel by clicking name of monster or npc or place to visit directly in the short description of current active quest. If you are on your bike you reach there in no time without touching mouse or keyboard.

The most funny part is the comments of players in the shout/aera channel. I guess it s the first time a public mmo goes this far in nudity, so it troubles many.

It is not sure other players see your toon nude. You see your own toon nude, for sure.

So many sexy outifts, bodies, poses (social chips adds more triggerable body actions like dancing, you start with cheerleader action, greetings action, which trigger sexy english voices from your toon), it's a feast for eyes even if you just try it one hour.


- A link to where others can find the title on hshare.net  (or other) :



- Review of the 'hentai' specific part :


You get automatically question marks icons on your screen to activate or go take quests, and clicking names let you auto travel on bike (lv10+) or on feet. Many quests are made to explain game to you.

Each toon starts with the same one piece swimsuit and no armor. 6 classes, each class has a different woman graphics, they are quite different in size (all body parts differs), hairstyle, faces, etc.

That swimsuit is called a underwear item and is in the underwear slot of the character screen.

By default the underwear item everyone starts with is sealed, i.e you can't remove it from its slot.

In the item mall (see link above) you can buy (or others can buy) a 'starter kit' that costs 1900 ap (that s around $20, but see below you might not have to pay for it yourself).

In this package you find a TRADABLE item named LINGERIE UNSEALER (T). Tradable means the players really needing gold in game to make their gear uber and having money to spend will probably buy those then resell them in game for gold. So a player not willing to spend real money can farm gold and try find a seller in game who is an 'ap spender' and desesperately in need for gold. If you buy it yourself it appears, after you relog once, in your inventory in the AP tab.

You right click the lingerie unsealer, then left click the underwear item which turn then into an unsealed underwear item (tradable) and you can remove it from the underwear slot to obtain a totally nude toon (just a few pubic hair down there, no opening down there, but breasts are ok) . You can then find sexy lingerie in game and put them in the underwear slot (some big bosses drop some I heard, you can see 12 of them in character creation phase, link Clothes, click A or B underwear tests)

The lingerie unsealer requires that you have at least level 17, that s why you have to do quests for 6 hours before you can use it. It gets consumed, you can't reuse it for another toon.

All items purchased during the beta will be re-delivered again when game resets (allowing then to use the lingerie unsealer on another class, so doing it during beta is a way to pay only once and see 2 classes nude for the price of one). But if you loot rare underwear or buy unsealer during beta, it will poof when beta ends. So you have been warned. Only the buyers on item mall will lose nothing when beta ends.

It s called a closed beta but i'm pretty sure it s an open beta, all you need is an aeria account. Create it.

I did choose Shadow walker class and found it easy to level up, just upgrade to max asap the 2 skills you start with 'double hit' and 'hack n slash', alternatively activate these 2 skills to kill monsters one by one fast. Easy. About the snapshot pose, I obtained it by pressing print screen (jpg will appear in a folder on your desktop) when the toon start riding her bike (right click bike item, you obtain it as reward of a lv10 quest).
I have a bad feeling about this game : i'm sure it will be censored hard in united states soon. That s why I try posting a quick review here before it s too late for you to try it. Hope you appreciate the explanations about the 'hentai' part of this gorgeous game, even if you don't consider it 'hentai' at all.

Have fun


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Posted 16 March 2013 - 12:17 PM

haha, they actually did bring it over