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Punyupuri XX Yami Maid

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Posted 11 July 2007 - 11:35 AM

Punyupuri XX Yami Maid
Gothic Style Hentai Flash Movie

You can find the game here:


Vague Game Description by White Masq:
This is the only other Punyupuri game (other than Punyupuri EX) that actually attempts a true narrative to go along with the semi-interactive H-scenes/movies. In this dark, gothic tale: a young woman is being scent via carriage to be another maid for a manor. Suddenly her carriage was attacked by what looks like ghouls or zombies. She begins to run, but soon faints. She awakes within the mansion, and is swiftly shown around the premises. If she knew about the disposition of the people she was working for, she probably wouldn't have taken the job!

After playing the previous four games in the Punyupuri series the Tinkle Bell’s formula had started to get old. (BTW, what kind of name is Tinkle Bell? It sounds like that perverted fairy’s name from Zelda) scarce to nonexistent storylines, Great animation, and games that were over before they had a chance to get truly entertaining were the status quo. I’m glad I did not stop before Yami Maid because this title is in a completely different class.


YM is one of only two Punyupuri games that I know of that feature a storyline. The main character Kristina is to work as a maid for some nobles. Before she can reach her destination she is attacked by some ghouls. She is saved when Zyberstine, the apparent Lord of the house, appears and starts blasting away with his rifle. Kristina awakes in the mansion and her ordeals begin. ‘Cause you know what happens in a big house filled with crazy rich people and hot maids, right? :)

The story is top notch in YM. Even for a non-Japanese speaker most of the important stuff can be picked up from contextual clues. The creepy gothic atmosphere is picked up immediately. The scenario writer did a good job of putting some soft moments in the story as well. So it is not all dark. The music is very good and enhances the game.

Central characters in the story:
Kristina: The maid embroiled in the going ons of the mansion. Her sister involved as well. I think her sister is Anne Marie due to Kristina calling her “Onee-san” but a certain scene would complicates that theory. Poor Kristina can’t catch a break because everyone in the mansion wants a piece of her. At the end of the game she seems to be carrying Olivia’s child but that is wild speculation on my part. But the ridiculous creampies she gets from Olivia would seem to back up my theory.

Olivia: I think she is the head maid of the household. The surprising thing is that she gets more action then anybody else in the game. Why? It is because Olivia secretly has an extra piece of equipment that she uses to rock most every other female character in the household. In the latter parts of the game she develops feelings for Kristina.

Anne Marie: Poor Ann seems to have lost it. She rarely speaks and acts like a young child. Of course that doesn’t stop nearly everyone from fucking her senseless. Kristina included.

Adenine: Lolita character. Don’t exactly know the deal with her but she seems to be one of the nobles. Since she is a girl Olivia polishes her off too.

The Nobles: Zyberstine and his family. Judging from the cut scenes he has a screwed up childhood or some other crap which I don’t really care about. They get serviced by Kristina and co. but are still lunatics anyway. Thankfully the girls get out before they get the Hostel treatment. See? Money doesn’t equal happiness. XD

This game features some awesome flash game/movie goodness with top notch animation, writing, and music. The menus and credits are all in English! You’ll have no trouble navigating through the game and you can thank whatever genius at Tinkle Bell who though of this. Everything looks top notch quality and a gallery and extras feature allows you to enjoy the game all over again. Every story sequence can be skipped as well. I wouldn’t recommend doing that but it is there. The ease of use in this game is A+. The menus for H-Scenes are small and unobtrusive. They even can be hidden completely. Since this is a movie your hands are left free... ;)

This game impresses here as well. You have straight sex, lesbian, futanari, pure love, and a gang bang. The character design is incredible with all the girls looking amazing. The costumes are good looking too. But since most of the characters get laid so much some of them walk around naked most of the time. The flash animation sequences are a sight to behold and you can freely manipulate the playback back in forth so you can replay a scene over if you want to see it again. There will be many such instances.

The absolute coup has to be the censorship, or lack thereof. You’ll be able to see everything in great detail. The lesbian sequence placed quite a bit of emphasis on the fact that Tinkle Bell does not give a fuck about Japan’s censorship laws despite having the worse name ever.

Bottom Line:
This is one of the best games you’ll play. YM combines every important aspect into a production of surpassing quality. I couldn’t find anything that was worth penalizing points for. If you like animated hentai games that are closer to movies then their story book cousins in the ADV section. Then you owe it to yourself to play this gem.


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Posted 11 July 2011 - 06:18 AM

Does anyone know what the melody at the end is, just before the credits?