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Biko 3

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Posted 21 July 2007 - 11:26 AM

Get it here:

Vague Game Description by White Masq:
And here's the third and latest of the Biko series. It is still based around stalking as before, with more consideration to the interactivity and gameplay. The targets range from doctors, to gaijin, to waitresses, to students. Depending on how well you stalk, and your approach. You can get either the rape ending, or the love ending with each girl. Still doesn’t follow logic, but that didn't stop the making of three of these.


It’s been awhile since I reviewed a 3D H-game so I thought I’d go back and find a good one. Biko 3 was one of the first Illusion games I played and it’s one of their better titles. Despite what many think not all Illusion games are top quality. Compare this title to the mediocre at best Interact Play and Interact Play VR and you’ll see the difference.

You’ll play as the same nondescript hero in each scenario but Illusion managed to keep the plot fresh for each female character. The main character has different motivations for each story. You’ll stalk each character through large environments while collecting items. The game also has the option of good or bad endings depending on where you activate the ending sequence, which I’ll go more into depth later.


Takumi: The protagonist. Your main objective is to stalk each girl while collecting items to unlock either the “Love” or “Rape” endings. You can also unlock a voyeur scene.

Rin: Brunette schoolgirl who wears a green jacket and a blue skirt. She appears to work at a library as you stalk her on her way there. She seems to be pretty dumb as she embarks on this trip in the dead of night but with some patience you can make the experience enjoyable for her by unlocking the love ending.

Reiko: A nurse character. You’ll also recognize her from Sexy Beach 3. You’ll follow Reiko from a hospital to a hotel.

Chris: A blond ninja in a skintight costume. (wtf?) You’ll stalk Chris through a large warehouse and a hidden underground base.

Mayu: A Loli character. She is a cute and excitable fast food waitress that also can’t be over 14. Illusion must know this; I hope. Mayu likes to leap quickly and look behind her which makes her difficult to stalk. You’ll follow her through some alleyways and a convenience store.

Mio: A sword carrying miko. Mio has sharp instincts and reflexes and isn’t easy to catch. She also will sprint quickly so be on your toes. You’ll be following her through a massive shrine in a hidden underground cave

I enjoyed the story sequences for the game as you get something fresh and new with each character. From tentacle demons to military gangbangs Biko 3 has a lot of variety. Unlocking each ending and collecting items is something you’ll enjoy rather then reaching for the save file.


I took the liberty of posting the controls from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biko_3)

• Left Click = Run
• Left Doubleclick = Walk
• Right Click = Move backwards
• Right Doubleclick = Duck
• Z = Action
• F1 = Options Menu
• F5 = Toggle First Person view with a view from behind the player
The extra scenes as well:
Rin: You watch Rin's undies as she bends to drink from a water fountain.
Reiko: You watch Reiko use the toilet.
Chris: You watch Chris lean back with her costume revealing more cleavage than she intends
Mayu: You watch Mayu lean under a vending machine.
Mio: You watch Mio shower in a waterfall.

The main gameplay of Biko is a stalker simulation. If you’ve played any Metal Gear Solid game you’ll be set. You have to stalk each girl without being seen while simultaniously keeping them whithin site. A meter runs down if you lose sight of your quarry. Lose them for too long and the meter will run out and it is automatically game over. If at any time you are seen by a girl then it is game over as well. Collecting items unlocks the endings in Biko. Don’t miss that. Even if you stalk a girl through every zone if you don’t have the proper item then nothing will happen so you have to keep your eyes peeled. Some items are extras for H-scenes like cat ears and other goodies. You have to follow them through large enviroments that feature natural obstacles. Move to close to animals or kick a can by acident and you’ll make enough noise to alert your quarry. Run into traffic and get hit by a car and it is over for you as well. Biko 3 is full of these interesting interactive features. Little icons above the heads of the girls alert you when they are vulnerable to attack. Though it is rediculous how close you can get and just crouch down to avoid detection. The love endings require that you follow through to the last area but are worth it.

Interactivity in Biko has the familiar click and drag mechanic found in most Illusion games. Mouse over an area and a large circle will appear. Click and drag it in the direction indicated to trigger an action. This mechanic is brilliant for things like stripping of clothes in the rape endings. The tension of the drag rips the clothes right off. You’ll use the circles to put the girls in the positions you want as well. The h-scenes feature a departure from the traditional click/button function for thrusts. Biko uses a slider function where you slide the mouse side to side to control thrusts. Some people feel this is odd as it can result in some rediculously fast movements but I like it. If you have a touch pad then it works wonders. The slide mechanic lets you control how fast or slow the action gets with more presion then clicks. The slow rhythmatic positions in the love endings and the furious pumping in the rape endings are more interesting with the slider funtion.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to switch back to foreplay in Biko. The licking and fondling will last as long as you want it to but once you mouse over a certain spot an icon will appear notifying you that you can use your tool. Click it and you are on your way.


Some of the most memorable I’ve seen. You’ll remember the H-scenes in Biko for a long time. Perhaps the atmosphere of the game makes all the scenes that much more impressive.

Rape Endings:
If you are soft hearted avoid these. But they are very well done. Rin, Mayu, and Mio’s are the best in my opinion. The atmosphere is amazing and creates an amazing ambience. Rin is hancuffed, beated, and violated in an equipment shed. Mayu is taken kicking and screaming in a dark alleyway and Mio is taken by the main charater’s tentacle demon form. At no point do these girls enjoy this as they cry and scream as they are raped.

Love endings:
More my style. The love endings are more difficult to unlock as they require you to collect the requsite item and follow the girl to the absolute end of the level but are definitely worth it. All of the love endings take place in more comfortable surrondings (beds, baths, shrines, desktops) and the girls remove more of their clothes or are completely nude. The impromptu rape endings don’t have as much nudity. The girls attitude towad you is completely different as well. They’ll reciprocate and enjoy the action as much as you do.

Every H-scene starts with the girl standing or sitting in front of you. The familiar arousal/orgasm meter is empty in the top corner of the screen. Each girl is unready to initiate sex until their arousal meter is at a certain point. In Rape endings you just slap or beat them until the meter fills up to the nessessary level. In love endings the process gets much more interesting. Mouse over erogenous zones (Breasts, Buttocks, etc.) and use your hands or mouth to stimulate them and the arousal meter goes up. If you are patient enough then eventually the girl will reciprocate with a blow job. You’ll have about three different positions to chose from during sex and the arousal meter fills up and after the climax the h-scene ends. You can prolong the fun by slowing down before the meter gets to peak level. You’ll know how well you are doing by little exclamation marks on the meter that mean whatever you are doing it is having the desired effect.

The last feature worth mentioning is a bit odd. You can see an inlay shot of the girl’s face along with hearing her thoughts during it. During the rape and love endings you can hear what the girls are thinking. You can remove the close-up angle from the main screen if it is obtrusive to you. This feature is interesting as it adds a psychological dimension but is lost on non Japanese speakers. Too bad.

Bottom Line: Biko 3 has expansive enviroments, great characters, and interesting scenarios. The Love and Rape divergent endings is one of the best ideas I’ve seen from Illusion. The H-scenes are some of the best I’ve played. Biko 3 is one of my personnal favorites and I highly recommend it. It is one of Illusion’s best titles.


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Posted 05 February 2008 - 10:17 PM

wow..you so cool..keep on your good work on review H-game so that i can arrange which one i want to download 1st..anyway,thank 4 the info

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Posted 06 February 2008 - 02:40 AM

Incredibly thorough as always.