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Posted 27 July 2007 - 05:46 PM

Genre- Shooter

Get it here:

Vague Lengthy Game Description by White Masq:
This is one of the few (if not the only) Des Bloods where you play as a man. In any case, you play as a “Chaser” for the National Police Agency. It is your job to do the odds and ends that the beleaguered police force can’t handle. You certainly have your work cut out for you: the world has become a terrible place in 2156. With robbery, rape, and vice rampant—even the advancement of science has become perverted. To make matters worse, an unknown object has fallen to Earth containing beings called “Lost Lady”. These androids are able to implant parasitic copies of themselves through intercourse with a male host—of course the host doesn’t live for very long. Will our hero be able to get to the truth in this kinky Blade Runner-meets-Species-meets-Illusion plot?



When I read the game description for DBVR my interest was immediately peaked. The story is a blatant rip off of Aliens but I wanted to see what Illusion would do with it. Sexy Androids running amuck impregnating men is something that, while disgusting, damn sure makes you curious.

The story revolves around two detectives and the agency they work for. Apparently they have to investigate the strange happenings following the escape of a 2(?) female androids after an asteroid crash lands into the ocean. You’ll be working under an old man who apparently gives you your orders and Maria Anderson, a character featured in Sexy Beach 3. You’ll be working Maria more then the other way around if you catch my drift.

The future is not a pretty place in DBVR. Most of the areas you’ll explore look ruined. You’ll come across the mobsters and mutant creatures on your travels and will have to use force to get through most areas. The hospital, docks, mafia/yakuza hideout, personnel home, base, and slums are areas you’ll explore in the game in your pursuit of suspects. The agency doesn’t seem in that much of a hurry despite finding the mummified corpses of the androids victims on several occasions. So as the grunt it’s up to you to build up your arsenal and take to the streets to stop the threat, and have lots of sex along the way.

Notable Characters:

Android 1: A brunette women clad in a Chinese dress. She seduces many of the victims in the game and appears to be the first to escape the agency.

Android 2: A flat chested girl who wears denim clothing. She also has a penchant for women as in one scene she has a girl tied up while she enjoys herself.

Ninja Girl: You’ll have a close quarters gunfight with her after pursuing her in the slums. I don’t know what her intentions are.

Nurse: Air headed nurse that can be found in the hospital. She seems to get romantically involved with one of the main characters by the end of the game. She can also get tentacle raped if you screw up.


DBVR is average graphically. The main game uses pre rendered background and then switches to 3D interactive sequences for the H-scenes. The game won’t wow you with its graphics and the CG pictures are decent.

For a shooting game the targeting system is horrible in DBVR. Flying enemies are a chore to lock on to and saps a lot of fun out of the game. The controls consist of the D-pad and the H-sequences utilize the mouse; tap back to do a quick back step to avoid some attacks.

The menus are well done in DBVR (press F1 to access them) and are easy to navigate. The most interesting features are the guns and ammunition you can collect. Along with some automatic weapons and recovery/stat boosting items are the main catch of the action portions. The problem is that the enemies are so easy to kill that you hardly get any satisfaction from it. Most of them can be outrun or ignored. It is fun to hear the exaggerated screams of a mutant zombie (complete with thriller red jacket) as you run by and blast it full in the face with a Desert Eagle (Blaaarggghhh!)

You’ll have some choice segments when conversing with the female characters. Play you cards right and you’ll be nailing them in the next sequence. Another complaint is that their can be to much backtracking and exploration involved in the game. It’s a bitch to figure out your orders when everything is in Japanese so if you want to clear the game you need extraordinary patience. Otherwise use the Save File.


The girls are attractive in DBVR. You’ll have plenty of time to fondle, lick, and explore them in the H-sequences. There is also a special item in each seen for BDSM play. You’ll get whips, candles, clothespins and other stuff to use. One action usually corresponds to a certain part of the girl’s body. They’ll get obstinate if you don’t find the right spot. Once they are aroused enough you’ll have the option of penetrating them. You’ll pull them into position with the mouse like in Artificial Girl 2. A choice segment appears at the bottom of the screen indicating you can come. Chose where with one of the tags and you are treated to a CG picture of the climax.

The censorship kills the enjoyment in most of the scenes in DBVR. After the work put in to unlock them it seems disingenuous that the censorship masques are so large. It looks like two tumors meeting with the ridiculous size of the censors. There is nothing that remotely looks like genitals in this game and that is surprising from a company with the balls to make a game like Rapelay that they puss out on DBVR. It doesn’t ruin the game but it doesn’t help the score either. The only notable thing here is that if you didn’t like the disembodied hands in other Illusion games then you’ll be pleased to know that all of the hands are attached to limbs. A different story for the lips and tongue but it’s a start.

Bottom Line: DBVR is fun for all of 30 minutes and then gets old quick. The interesting plot gets bogged down by weak light gun action and the H-Content is good but could have been much better had the censorship not been so badly done. Unfortunately this game reeks of untapped potential had it not suffered from the brain dead game play. If you really want to try DBVR then you can but if you are choosing between this and something else to download then I recommend going in the other direction.