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    It's an animated gif from the manga Rankou Kyoushitsu by Po-Ju. The original gif [LINK]
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    Forest of Blues game is currently in development but love it already. Its rather similar to Eroico but has more monsters already. Download link page is below but usually requires password to download which is usually on the blog also located below. Blog link http://zell999.blog.fc2.com/ Download page link http://ux.getuploader.com/zell23999/ Current password for newest version 1.10b is fobs110z23
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    I'm getting an "unable to load torrent" error when I try to run this through Utorrent. Otherwise, thank you for all of the great uploads deathmarine, I've bought quiet a few of these games prior to playing your uploads!
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    Artificial Academy 2 ジンコウガクエン2 Direct Download: The Game: [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part09.rar (309.74 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part08.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part07.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part06.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part05.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part04.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part03.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part02.rar (999 MB) [OGH] Artificial Academy 2.part01.rar (999 MB) The Updates: Game Updates V4.rar (166.44 MB) Game Updates V3.rar (166.36 MB) Game Updates V2.rar (8.16 MB) [DLC01] [Additional Hair + Update].rar (116.37 MB) Bonuses: [Tanabata Bonus] [Extra Hair Extension].rar (441.84 KB) [Pre-Order Bonus] [Extra Personality + Hairpack].rar (259.01 MB) [illusion Special Member Bonus] [Extra Hair Set].rar (1.18 MB) Artificial Academy 2 HF Patch.rar (301.56 MB) Artificial Academy 2 HF Patch version 0.9.4 includes: Official Artificial Academy 2 patch 1.0.4 (aka. [Game Update] [v4]) and DLC1+2 by Illusion Translations AA2Play 1.30b (1.0.4) by JS-Frontier translated by anon Updated! Characters 140604 by Dark Pulse Dialog Translation Final 2.1 by anonymous users at hgg posted by chope Lists v0.1 (only names) by Dark Pulse Stuff 140604 by AA2 Translation Team Translation Loader 1.3.1 by hgganon UI Translation v9.5 by anonymous users at hgg Uncensors Full 3D Uncensor v0.7 by FutaBoy New! Cheats Unlocked AA2Edit v1.4.2 (1.0.1) by JS-Frontier (press 5 while saving over char for rainbow) New! JG2ChrData 0.2.1 English Translation 1.3 by ilaem New! Misc Windowed Fullscreen 2.0 by enter75
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    Eroico If you like it please buy it! Direct Download Download [OHG] Eroico.rar from Rabid Files