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    Forum upgrades

    I'm sure some of you had issues login in as did I. Things should be back to normal. if not you might have to clear your browser cache. I've been busting my ass to replace all the links from rabidfiles to animefiles. I'm doing the videos first since they are significantly more popular than the games..
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    Old Illusion Games

    Hello There (G...) I'm just wondering if anybody has and is willing to post some older illusion games? The links to these games posted here have all gone offline and I cannot find any working links or torrents on the entire internet, so maybe somebody has them here? The games I'm interested in are: Sexy Beach 2 Biko 3 A-GA Artificial Girl 2 Even just any info on where to get these games would be very much appreciate and I would thank very very much Cheers
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    hmm that's odd, never seen a computer like yours deny this awesome action game.
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    where on the download, try using either Firefox or internet explorer 11 or Opera
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    older games

    ill look em up
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    TeamH Has Been Busy Hehe :D

    TeamH Has been Busy making our own torrent/website not trying to steal the traffic that visit this awesome website. but if you like to visit us, please come visit :D https://teamhentaix.ning.com/ We have Lots of Content :D
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    ok buddy i'll Fix it DepFile Mirror Added
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    Sisters - The Last Day Of Summer

    Sisters - The Last Day Of Summer Sisters ~夏の最後の日~