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    Taking a Break from Posting

    damn dude. thank you from me also. remember, your health is the most important thing! Take care of yourself!
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    2018 - Rabidfiles is Disabled

    So Rabidfiles has changed everything on us. List of Changes Removed Upload Limit from 10GB to 5GB Disabled Uploading Files Removed Benefits They FUCKED US OVER!! but we wont give up sharing and posting games. Now I need help, if yall can help me find a host that can upload 10GB I Will Love you forever (No homo to the men) and (Ladies if any do visit here can help <3) Thanks for Understanding
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    Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    This link should suffice http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/hentai-games-request-39/request-{aiai}-秘女一夜-628469/#post2759609
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    Goblin Walker (JAP)

    Goblin Walker Artist/Circle: るしまる堂 Language: Japanese Format: EXE Size: 526MB Download Game Here DepFile - http://depfile.us/eVh1V18zOEf
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    If anyone has this I will greatly appreciate it if you could share, it looks really nice and also I need it for my Yuki Mango coolection. I did find this Link (http://alfafile.net/file/ybi) it seems legit but Alfafile Downloads always time out and fail with me. If someone could maybe get it and upload it onto another Filehost I would greatly appreciate it Title : あやつりエンジェル English Title : Puppet Angel Group : ゆきマンゴー (Yuki Mango) http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/.../RJ160333.html http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work.../RE160333.html
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    Asking JAV Code

    what the hell is a jav code?
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    She ill server RE208892 RJ208892 シーイルサーバー Info Links Direct Download She ill server V1.0 RE208892 RJ208892.rar
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    Requesting these three Hgames Sword Of Ryonasis ~Kirsch In Lewd Labyrinth~ Joubutsu Saseko RoRoRoRoRo She ill server
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    ok I decided I can come back but I'm gonna take it easy. I decided I'm gonna post like maybe two or 3 games then I'm gonna leave for the rest of the day just to stay healthy. hopefully by next year i'll be able to get back to the regular schedule of 25+ games every two days. P.s - I'm gonna start posting the two or 3 games maybe tonight or tomorrow, see ya soon
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    Been hunting all over the web but can't find english version of Core Awaken ~HexDesire Princess YUKA~. Would play in Jap but hard to understand side quests.
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    Taking a Break from Posting

    yeah thanks DeathMarine, yeah I really wanna share games but I shall return 2018 :D
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    My Sex Quest Version 0.13b

    My Sex Quest Version 0.13b It's just the beginning of June. A couple of days ago you graduated from college... Adult life is waiting for you! In the end of summer you have to enter the university. You are 19 and you live with mom and stepfather, but he is always away from home. He has his own business and sends not much money, that is all he does. You have a sister, Alina, she is 20 and your stepsister, Natasha, who is 24. Change-Log Version 0.13 : Changes compared to the previous version Completely redesigned interface Control changed to old version Added some events Added animation Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 375 MB https://k2s.cc/file/08a1a6309d81c/MySexQuest-v0.13b-pc.rar https://fboom.me/file/08a1a6309d81c/MySexQuest-v0.13b-pc.rar
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    Core Awaken ~HexDesire Princess YUKA~ RE181044 RJ181044 機核覚醒 Info Links Direct Download Download Core Awaken ~HexDesire Princess YUKA~ RE181044 RJ181044.rar from Rabid Files
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    House Party v 0.8.2 beta

    House Party v 0.8.2 beta House Party, in its concept and sense of humor, is a throwback to the adventure style games of the 80s and 90s like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, but it is rendered in a beautiful full-3D first-person context. You start the game walking in the door of a House Party already in progress, and your goal is to try to play out to a variety of endings by completing various puzzles and smooth-talking. The game is unique in the sense that your actions dictate the gameplay and story direction heavily. Making certain choices in the game can either cut off or open up more options. You are faced with moral choices that yield different outcomes that drive the way the story unfolds. In the game, you'll experience the usual debauchery found at these types of parties in the form of foul language, party games, nudity, fighting, sex, and more, and believe me, it doesn't pull any punches! Each character has their own personality, story and quests for the player. You can enjoy this alongside full immersive 3D gameplay, gorgeous models, and a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor. The AI is very robust, and the characters respond to a large number of stimuli and player choices. There are multiple story-paths and different outcomes based on your decisions. The stories are customizable, and Eek! Games offers tools on their website to craft your own story including full dialogues, interactions, and logic dictating how the player's night goes and import it into your game. Users are already creating and sharing stories on the game's forum, and we are excited to see what the player community creates next! The game is still in beta, and there are still some placeholder graphics in place in the demo video you see. We are wanting to offer free early access. The game in its current state has plenty of game play available and comes with full immersive stories with the option to download new stories from the forum. As the game goes further into development, more official stories and forked story-lines will be worked on, and more content will be added to the game in the sense of what is available for the characters to do. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 2230 MB https://k2s.cc/file/164551e577ec9/House_Party_0.8.2.part1.rar https://k2s.cc/file/30c7d418582a2/House_Party_0.8.2.part2.rar OR https://fboom.me/file/164551e577ec9/House_Party_0.8.2.part1.rar https://fboom.me/file/30c7d418582a2/House_Party_0.8.2.part2.rar
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    I found a Chinese translation of this game a while back, but I'm guessing you want to original Japanese?
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    Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    A .cdi file is a type of disk image. Basically its a digital copy of a disk. Youd have to download software like daemon tools lite and mount the file to be able to open the .cdi file then its as simple as opening the disk drive location on your pc.
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    Kiss x Sis 2010 EPISODES 01-12 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] [HIGH DEFINITION] [ECCHI] [+Bonus] (Blu-ray rip) (キス×シス(2010) / kiss×sis (2010))