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  1. .Hime.Kishi.Anjerika

    Hello is it possible to get some seeds on this. THanks!
  2. .Maternity.Insult

    Is it possible to get a re-seed?
  3. .Seisenki.Valkyrie.Sisters

    Thanks deathmarine.I would like to return the favour. If you have any doujins out there that you want, you can post it to my blog and I'll do my best to grab them. I'm an aspiring doujin scanner and hoping to help the scene stay alive!http://rinsako.wordpress.com/requests-here/ Whoa, triple post. Sorry bout that, forum hiccup
  4. .Seisenki.Valkyrie.Sisters

    Thanks for the reseed whoever is out there.
  5. .Seisenki.Valkyrie.Sisters

    Just wondering, Could I get a reseed on the torrent, I'm sitting at 97.5% Thanks.
  6. .Seisenki.Valkyrie.Sisters

    Wow Hshare is pretty fucking awesome. Only problem is the slightly different romanizations which makes it difficult to search, but merely a quibble in the sea of awesomeness that is this site. Oh, Was wondering if anyone was still seeding this. Thanks.
  7. Seito.Kaichoo.Hikaru

    I'm attempting to run this using a virtual machine of WIndows XP SP2 with Japanese region and Unicode settings but It doesn't appear to be working. Is there a region crack available? Thanks Nevermind Noregion loader.exe. Sorry for the old thread necro. I'm not exactly up to date with the newest HGAME tools.