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  1. Xuang

    Kansen 5 The Daybreak

    I'm sorry, but I'm trying to get Kansen: 3-5 and ball buster by torrent, but all of them seem to be trying to connect to peers if you could seed I'd appreciate it.
  2. Xuang


    Seed please orz
  3. Xuang

    Please Love Me Seriously

    Is the yandere translation complete?? just wondering.
  4. Xuang

    Custom Raid V

    Is this like a slave training game?
  5. Xuang

    Kansen 3 Shouto Houkai

    Hmm is this a new game? is there any difference between this and Infection?
  6. Xuang

    Miss Each Other

    I downloaded Game.Update.1.21.7z but it doesn't extract it just says no archives found am I doing this wrong?
  7. Should I play the first games before this?? actually what kinda game is this a simulation or just a 3D story hentai game?
  8. Xuang

    Papa Love

    Ugh is anyone seeding this? I'm at 45% and it's been more then a few weeks already it's so bad that I think I would delete the 45% and just direct download it instead.
  9. I love games that has girls sniffing the male stink (twin haired girl).
  10. Xuang


    Aww I can't edit my post, the walkthrough link doesn't work and the only question I have is do the "other" button do anything else except for the beginning of the game where you get Yuna to diss that white haired kid.
  11. Xuang


    Is there any other games like this? I think I've tried them all but I'd like to know if there are ones I haven't played.
  12. Xuang

    Marriage Blue

    What's the name of the company that made this?
  13. Xuang

    Papa Love 2

    That update patch is there a bug that we should be aware of?
  14. Xuang


    Ack I deleted files before knowing that I need since there's a no cd crack.
  15. Xuang

    Papa Love

    I think I saw the anime for this recently, is it the one where that one small girl smells her dad's underwear while masturbating?? that was so hawt I think i'll download this, Thanks!