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  1. Is HShare still going?

    my country block this kind of stuff, had to use vpn to access it... :(
  2. Iron Maiden

    wow... i've seen this game over 5 years ago, but under no-hshare release. This game and oppai baka have similar art style and produced by same company.
  3. the artwork look like kisaragi gunma... don't know the title though.
  4. Music Preferences?

    hmm... let see... malice mizer, most of super robot themes, sentai, kamen rider. and j-pop...
  5. PSP H-game?

    hehehe... got one erogame on some famous psp forum. and it's a movie type where you have to wait for looong time before the choice come out.
  6. Who is your favorite anime/hentai girl?

    errr.. is there an age restriction? if not my fave would be choko from chokotton sister. her expression could melt me, it's like "oh man, im gonna do anything to make her smile and i would destroy anything that make her sad", but that would be loli; otherwise my fave would be theresa of fainted smile or something, from claymore. the reason, i like the art and i really like girl with cold expression. other than that i like cookie from gravion, her art, her body, and her voice too.. Due to playing hgames mamamama from fhc i fell in love with kansai women, damn their accent could turn me on..., so in addition all hgames with kansai speaking women would be my fave...
  7. .Zion-Cruel.Magical.Angel

    hmm... interesting game. might download it, thanx DM
  8. Milk Junkies 2 MILK・ジャンキー2

    i once have this a long time ago (hentaishare release too). i don't know whether it's still the same or not, if it is I'll seed it.
  9. .Maternity.Insult

    hehehe, didn't think you would release this. thanx DeathMarine
  10. Incest?

    i agree with DeathMarine. About HellMaster it is his decision and i won't say anything; beside i don't quite understand from scientific view. about bible??? well no comment on that.
  11. Saaushida さあ牛だ

    wow, nice game, really really BIG. thanx DeathMarine.
  12. .Thomas.the.Molester.2

    wo ho ho, ill get the 1st one after this. thanx DeathMarine.
  13. .Samurai.Jupiter

    ho ho ho... looks cool, thanx DeathMarine.
  14. .Island.Of.Despair

    this reminds me of pregnant princess. Thanx DeathMarine.
  15. .Big.Tits.Cafe

    what the... now this is my fav artwork type. thanx DeathMarine.