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  1. DizzyChat

    Thats a shame, I guess there just isn't much demand for this sort of thing anymore.
  2. DizzyChat

    Is anyone still visiting regularly? (Besides dizzy & DM?)
  3. Come say hi!!

    Hey DM, I know this may not be the correct place to post this but have you thought about creating a tag cloud? I think it might be a good idea so that users can see whats trending easily. (Lol @hkdigweed buying junk boy thinking it was a cartoon...)
  4. Do you remember what you've forgotten?

    It'd be nice if we had cyber brains like in GITS...
  5. Is HShare still going?

    Wow its been a while since i've been here. Thanks for keeping the site going, although I don't access hshare as much as I used to, its good to see the site up and running.
  6. DizzyChat

    So. hows everyone doing? I know its been a while since I've been back. (Mostly due to my hard-drive getting full, haha.)
  7. DizzyChat

    Haha, that was great 07cbdj. Thank you for posting that. Anyways, hows everyone else doing?
  8. showing your "folder" to IRL friends?

    You would have to have a lot of courage to do something like that..
  9. DizzyChat

    Hi guys, how is everyone doing? It's been quite a while since my last visit and I've noticed a few changes, which are nice. Anything else new?
  10. H games for mac

    Hi Corvinius, its nice to see i'm not the only one interested in wanting to play Eroge/H-games on a mac. Theres actually a few games, but most are more like visual novels. Eroge on mac is considerably rare, so your best bet is to dual-boot into windows or use a virtual machine as DeathMarine said. Theres also the prospect of using WINE to port some games to OSX (not all work, but I have successfully ported a couple of them. I'd also like to recommend Katawa Shoujo (a finely produced VN, available free of charge). Let me know if your interested in Wine, as I myself am having a bit of frustation in getting some games to run.
  11. DizzyChat

    Cool, I used to play Pac-Man ans such in the arcades as a kid, I still play it now, but on my PSP instead.
  12. Wow, nice work there mate.
  13. DizzyChat

    Hei guys, It's been rather quiet for some time now, whats everyone been up to?