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  1. Souldjaoutbitch

    Harem Mate ハーレムめいと

    Having problems just downloading this, any chance of a torrent or a re-up I have d/l it 3 times and it keeps saying cannot open as archive? Am i missing something here? Also 50kbs isnt really good for me as a d/l speed, I really wanna see and play this game.
  2. Souldjaoutbitch

    Love Death Final!

    Looks like an awesome addition to the Love Death series, Is also Teatime's last game apperantly :-(
  3. Uh, story mode's translations stop and go back to japanese halfway thru, HF has no further updated translations, seems the guy just dumped it but game is awesome tho but really needs a new update and patch, this game is just as sweet as AG3 and AHM, needs attention i must say and i hope it gets it soon.
  4. Souldjaoutbitch

    Netowaku Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo by Teatime.

    I have recently got this one not a bad game...
  5. Yes im having the same trouble as teatimetug, all installs fine, i have to shutdown antivirus cause of nurse.exe, but its tha same message im getting also, i got lots of space lots of ram so thats not an issue, cant wait to see it working on my machine, Cheers DM!
  6. Souldjaoutbitch

    Hako Hako 箱-はこ-

    A little hint i thought i would share if ne1 has problems extracting english setup if using winrar, it gives me a error in winrar, Soo to fix this just extract with 7zip works perfect!
  7. Souldjaoutbitch

    2nd Love

    Finally got it, seeding as long as i can,
  8. Souldjaoutbitch

    2nd Love

    Desprately need torrent seeds for this one, its been an hour and availablity is still red. help!