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    GreenNonic got a reaction from Ib Guertena in What genre of Hentai do you like the best?   
    i only like futa with annother girl, i also like when the girl is embaressed or very shy, i like flat chested hentai girls i also like when the female gives the other girl/futa/male sex as a favor, or like she feels bad for him because he's pent up, so she helps him out, or her or whatever i dunno the names of what this stuff is called i think flat chests are called pettanko or ..something or basicly, a anime girl whi has a flat chest but isnt a loli, i do like loli too though it's just part of my flat chest fixation i guess weirdly, i am okay with femboys, but only if they never turn around, i guess thats weird., i like loli's who control the other partner, eaither as a game, or trickery/blackmail umm...i like incest a lot mostly father daughter, but also brother and sister too and sometimes mother son, but only if the son is younger by a lot...i'm so weird, i feel like a dork spilling the beans like this.
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    GreenNonic got a reaction from Ib Guertena in Favorite Hentai Fetish?   
    i like many diffrent kinds of hentai, but in the end, i like flat chests mosts, it can be adult or loli it doesnt really matter, i just dont like huge massive breasts i guess. i guess i'm a closet Siscon too, because i tend to enjoy incest doujins/hentai movies even more then loli, or flat chest, like i tolerate larger breasts if they are attached to a girl trying to molest her brother, lol
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    GreenNonic got a reaction from Ib Guertena in Favorite Hentai Fetish?   
    i think peple getting into loli is a natural progression, as you watch erotic movies, you eventually build up a sexual resistance to whatever it is you are seeing, and a lot of people eventually need different content to stimulate themselves, that is how a lot of people go from soft core ecchi, then into hentai, and then after awhile they start pokeing around into the harder stuff, and when that doesnt work, you end up in "this is really naughty" hentai or even beastiality because the "this is bad, i shouldnt be watching this" is what turns you on , i'm a weird case, because the first hentai i ever saw, wile peeking into my sisters room, was a loli hentai, soo..i've basicly been a lolicon since i was 13, it's kind of strange how just a single simple thing like takin my clothes to the basement one night, could change my life forever, lol its also weird that without knowing why i knew that it was something i couldnt just tell anyone about, to this day my sister doesnt know i was peeking