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  1. Artificial Academy 2 ジンコウガクエン2

    Now i wisxh i could delete this
  2. Artificial Academy 2 ジンコウガクエン2

    Hey DM Thanks for the upload, i Hope this question doesn't annoy you but...I was wondering if you would be willing to creat a torrent for this Game, im sure it would help out allot of people on this site. Thanks in advance for you're time and patience. I am a big fan of you're work BTW
  3. Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    This game is probably the easiest to install, never had any issues installing this game.
  4. Custom Maid 3D カスタムメイド3D

    I Remember this game being such a pain in the rear to install on WinXP, Kept getting an annoying windows error after the Intro page.
  5. Immoral Ward インモラル病棟

    I would have to give the upload a 5 star, but the game itself a 3 star. Just wish in story mode they would have gave you more options during H Scene instead of a fixed timer, almost feels like i'm watching a movie. lol
  6. Need's more Seeds & or Peers, looks pretty good can't wait to try it.
  7. 3D Custom Girl 3Dカスタム少女

    Is there another Link to the rest of the patches? Megaupload thanks to back door politics doesn't work anymore.
  8. Awsome Upload Dizzy,Got the game working great. Can't say i enjoyed playing the game tho,because i can't understand a lick of Japanes. And it also has allot of rape in it,i geuse this game just isn't for everyone. Graphics are top notch however
  9. Well i got the whole game to work,with help from Darkhounds Wizzard and 2 mods everything appears to work great.Or atleast i think i got it to work i still need to find the new areas but as far as new styles and customizations for the girls go.Everything is translated as well audio unfortunatly is not
  10. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Where do i place the Japanese input bypass game save file,im sure it's already bin mentiond before but do i place it in the save Folder somewhere or the Data Folder? not exactly sure what i should do with that. Have everything els installed including english interface and launcher, i'm just not sure what to do with the save file
  11. Artificial Academy ジンコウガクエン

    OMG i have no clue what to do with these Girls they respond to me like im a psycho or something. lol
  12. Artificial Academy ジンコウガクエン

    Ah... the previous post I made happens to be quite hard to see... my bad T_T Cant seem to find the edit post button... I found this step by step instruction in an Artificial Academy wiki and managed to make it work on a Windows XP sp3 Might as well share how to install this game step by step since I got really lost when I tried installing it this morning Set your Regional Settings to Japanese Extract the two ISO files to an English named folder, e.g.C:DownloadsArtificial Academy Mount "DISK1.iso" with Daemontools Lite DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and double-click Startup.exe If you can click any of the two top buttons it means you have to install DirectX 9.0c and/or Visual C++ 2008 SP1. Your game will not work if you ignore these two issues! Click the third button from the top to start the Artificial Academy Edit setup. Click the button with (N) once. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. ( C:illusionArtificial Academy Edit ) if you want to be able to play the game! Click (N) again a few times and wait while Artificial Academy Edit installs When the Artificial Academy Edit setup is complete: Click the fourth button from the top to start the game setup. Click the button with (N) once. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. ( C:illusionArtificial Academy ) if you want to be able to play the game! Click N again a few times, and lastly (I), and wait while the game installs. About halfway the setup will ask for DISK2: Mount DISK2.iso with Daemontools Lite, wait a few seconds and then click OK. Wait while the game finishes the installation. To run the game you need to mount DISK1.iso again If the character names you see are like "o>*>-" or something like that.You need to set the: Regional and Language Options > Regional Option [standards and Formats] = Japanese Though all it does is change the names into Japanese characters