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  1. Cyngularity

    The fate of HShare?

    I've been coming to HShare now for quite a long while.... I don't post often, or at all. But I download and play these games. Courtesy of DeathMarine. I have been for years. I've never met DeathMarine, and I don't think he's ever even heard of me.... ...but I have a question, mostly posed to you Death. I read the article on your NAS dying, and for the most part, a lot of links are still down, with no availability to download. So what is the fate of HShare? Can we help? I'd like to see the games be updated more, work working links, and working English patches. Granted, I've tried very hard to learn Japanese, but it's not easy; and having these games translated by the dedicated players who speak fluent Japanese and can make PROPER "dubs" for these games is essential. I started with games like Maid's Story, and quickly found myself enraptured by games like Artificial Academy and Premium Play Darkness (let's face it, Illusion is GOOD at what they do). I've been online for years now. I remember sites like Pure T'n'A, and how hard Hongfire is to navigate, not just for English people, but for Japanese people who don't distinctly speak "Anime Otaku." XD HShare has been here for a while, and still is. I know my way around a keyboard, and would love to help in any way I'm able in restoring links, and seeding files when need be. HShare doesn't need to fade into the darkness! So anyway, there hasn't been much talk of this, and I'd like for some of the people who are still here to speak up on this topic.... Regards~ Cyngularity aka Cyntax Error
  2. Cyngularity

    Any games like Maid's Story?

    Sorry for the delayed reply.
  3. Cyngularity

    Any games like Maid's Story?

    Well, I think you best summed it up with the phrase "raising sim."
  4. First of all, thanks so much to everyone (DeathMarine being at the top of the list) for providing awesome games that never make it over here to the States.