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  1. Does anyone have a 100% save file? The one at piratebay has 0 seeders now.
  2. Nevermind, fixed my problem by updating to 1.5 which isn't included in the torrent. Please ignore my post.
  3. Torrented it, yes all parts are there. I even re-downloaded it and its giving me corrupted error.
  4. Yes, I am using the latest.
  5. Reupload for the patch and add-on please?
  6. Torrent gives a corrupted zip downloaded it three times for confirmation.
  7. Waiting for a torrent link. Btw, is this English patched?
  8. There are 2 save files on both folders.. I installed the one that was included in the English patch. Does installing the other makes any difference?
  9. I love the fact that people ignored Endu455's problem when its more sensible than the other stupid questions like "How to install?"