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  1. Cross Days クロスデイズ

    Does anyone have a 100% save file? The one at piratebay has 0 seeders now.
  2. Custom Maid 3D カスタムメイド3D

    Nevermind, fixed my problem by updating to 1.5 which isn't included in the torrent. Please ignore my post.
  3. Immoral Ward インモラル病棟

    Torrented it, yes all parts are there. I even re-downloaded it and its giving me corrupted error.
  4. Immoral Ward インモラル病棟

    Yes, I am using the latest.
  5. Wakeari ワケあり!

    Reupload for the patch and add-on please?
  6. AGA A-GA (エーガ) ~激動の惑星~

    Torrent gives a corrupted zip downloaded it three times for confirmation.
  7. Harem Mate ハーレムめいと

    Waiting for a torrent link. Btw, is this English patched?
  8. Biko 3 尾行3

    There are 2 save files on both folders.. I installed the one that was included in the English patch. Does installing the other makes any difference?
  9. Hako Hako 箱-はこ-

    I love the fact that people ignored Endu455's problem when its more sensible than the other stupid questions like "How to install?"