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  1. megamanx

    Torrents for Games (Large and Small)

    This seems easier then the old method. Especially since new method has search option for the torrents.
  2. megamanx

    Taking a Break from Posting

    All good we all appreciate what you do and hope you get well soon!
  3. megamanx

    LAB2-UndeR GrounD (ENG/JAP) version 1.03

    Great game but does anyone know what to do after you unlock lvl4 clearance? Also missing 2nd gun any idea where its at?
  4. Been hunting all over the web but can't find english version of Core Awaken ~HexDesire Princess YUKA~. Would play in Jap but hard to understand side quests.
  5. megamanx

    AzureZero Damsel Quest 3 (English) (RJ196208)

    Was hoping you would add this game. Thanks!
  6. megamanx

    Flower Fairy (RJ180492) (Jap Version)

    Just a heads up there is a cheat in english version one of the notepads listed how to do it. I did it myself and I really don't remember how to do it so I just cut pasted the instructions I semi followed when I did it before I remember having some trouble getting it to work but my database complete as long as I view it from start menu. =============================================================== Instructions for unlocking Creatures list =============================================================== Below is the process to unlock all creature entries. The creature list will only be unlocked when viewed from the main menu via [option]. [1]Change INPUT TYPE to gamepad in the main menu. [2]Press Enter on the keyboard. [3]An open book icon will appear on the lower right in the main menu. [4]Select [option] from the main menu. [5]Select [Creatures] from the list. ※Use this option if you're bad at platformer games or want to see the animations right away. Note that item collectibles will not be unlocked by this method. 2nd I believe your playing the older version that didn't have newer monsters added. List should have up to 46 monsters.
  7. megamanx

    Flower Fairy (RJ180492) (Jap Version)

    Well you want to finish it or just see entire complete database? If you want you can see entire database from main menu at start of game.
  8. megamanx

    Forest of gold blues (JAP)

    Link to guide of the game for those interested getting through it despite no prior knowledge of Japanese.
  9. megamanx

    Queen's Legacy (RJ194316)

    Anyone else having problems with this game saving properly? My resets game to the very beginning whenever I load the save.
  10. Two english translations exist done by other gamers listing one thats done by people and the other which is a machine translation Site below is the one done by real people but not 100% done last I checked Site below has all the details on how to install the machine translation version plus extras (example name change for main character) Also guides and forum talk can be found at Both translations work. Have Machine translation and Dargoths version depending if a part is translated or not. Also next chapter of this releasing on June 23rd.
  11. megamanx

    Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Version 0.12 by Towerkc

    How do you use cheats? Edit never mind just click on floating crystal on map.
  12. megamanx

    Captivity rpg game - ver 0.1.0 build 4.4

    Seems like this is the demo since can't get passed first gate.
  13. megamanx

    BARRAGE! (RE145229)

    Anyone know how to put it in English mode? Would normally just use auto translater to see how to change it but this games letter characters are all random instead of Japanese letters. Or just where the save is located so I cheat and auto unlock everything.
  14. megamanx

    Zell23 - Forest of the Blue Skin Ver 1.11b

    In case anyone needs walkthrough and its updated usually in a day if anything new is added.
  15. megamanx

    Azurezero Damsel Quest 3 Ver 5

    Aww too bad no Damsel Quest 1 or 2.