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  1. megamanx

    Torrents for Games (Large and Small)

    This seems easier then the old method. Especially since new method has search option for the torrents.
  2. megamanx

    Taking a Break from Posting

    All good we all appreciate what you do and hope you get well soon!
  3. megamanx

    LAB2-UndeR GrounD (ENG/JAP) version 1.06

    Great game but does anyone know what to do after you unlock lvl4 clearance? Also missing 2nd gun any idea where its at?
  4. Been hunting all over the web but can't find english version of Core Awaken ~HexDesire Princess YUKA~. Would play in Jap but hard to understand side quests.
  5. megamanx

    Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Version 0.12 by Towerkc

    How do you use cheats? Edit never mind just click on floating crystal on map.
  6. megamanx

    Captivity rpg game - ver 0.1.0 build 4.4

    Seems like this is the demo since can't get passed first gate.
  7. megamanx

    BARRAGE! (RE145229)

    Anyone know how to put it in English mode? Would normally just use auto translater to see how to change it but this games letter characters are all random instead of Japanese letters. Or just where the save is located so I cheat and auto unlock everything.
  8. megamanx

    Zell23 - Forest of the Blue Skin Ver 1.11b

    In case anyone needs walkthrough and its updated usually in a day if anything new is added.
  9. megamanx

    Let's Escape - Gunman Daughter 2 (RJ180364)

    Seems like some of the game downloads aren't working for me too(Haven't tried to download this game but tried many others). Tried another more recent game you put up and it worked fine but quite a few games depfile wouldn't let me download too. The ones that don't work always do nothing after the 60 second count down is over and its ready to start download instead just gives error page after a short while after you click on download link.(Tired on Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
  10. megamanx

    Desire Dungeon ENG (RJ096876)

    Wow never knew there was a cheat engine for this game. Probably would of been easier since it did break the game the first few tries.
  11. megamanx

    Desire Dungeon ENG (RJ096876)

    For those who cheat theres a notepad in the game files that you can edit and change values on weapons along with many other things. Advise only change values on weapons maybe something you have already gotten to make the game easier also make sure you keep a backup file in case you mess it up.
  12. megamanx

    Forest of Blues

    Forest of Blues game is currently in development but love it already. Its rather similar to Eroico but has more monsters already. Download link page is below but usually requires password to download which is usually on the blog also located below. Blog link Download page link Current password for newest version 1.10b is fobs110z23
  13. megamanx

    Rpg maker games not working?

    So a few rpg games won't work and not sure what I'm missing. What the error says in english is audio/bgm title not found and not sure how to fix it. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  14. megamanx

    Parade Buster Help?

    Well I found so in case anyone gets stuck on same part its 277953182 but I guess that what it meant when it said ACB but was thrown off when text before had random things like 3/4 on it since I guess dont have Jap installed so its written funny.
  15. megamanx

    Parade Buster Help?

    So I recently got Parade Buster but I for the life of me can't get pasted part with castle where you find 3 notes showing a letter and what it equals to. A=277 B=3182 C=95 then on line below notes it shows ACB [ ]<< and I tried just multiplying all three codes but that didn't seem to work. Anyone got any ideas? *Also added screenshot in case it helps