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  1. just got the problem, itz the Chrome , just don't know that why he is bad with downloads, with Firefox itz been 1 hour already and got no errors, and the speed itz always the same(50kb/s)
  2. man, don't know the second part was easy, 1 hour and it downloaded , but the first part is very slow and it keeps getting the network error every 10min, there is a link for Mega site? or Zippyshare?
  3. torrents are good, but sometimes direct download is better, and the rabid files is a good site.
  4. LSCP

    School Days

    i don't know the game yet, but i think that they messed up with the anime killing some characters.
  5. Bem isso seria legal (well this would be cool)
  6. LSCP

    Virgin Invader V1.01 RE151542

    yeah, i got it 4 days after that mensage
  7. LSCP

    Virgin Invader V1.01 RE151542

    rabid files link, itś not working, i've got '' error 404'' ''file not found''