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  1. Grimzeig

    Come say hi!!

    Hey ya Hshare!111!! shift+1 I've been through a bout of olfactory polyps! I lived! I won't elaborate as... some of the details are more twisted than nazi-eskimo transectual futa rapelay!More than one thought throgh that time was about this place and if DM kept it goin. Can't tell ya how proud I am to post today. Found a kush possition and am getting into net~ admin and should be able to sneak in some shared bandwidth. Post ya soon. Grim.... Yes.... things are still grim.
  2. Grimzeig

    Mezzo Forte EP01-02 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

    Workin on it... workin on it.. can only download so much on a 1.5mb pipe.. <_<
  3. Grimzeig

    Kitty Pleasure Pack 1 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

    This seems to be a compilation of short stories 1 each eppisode. Tale of Two Sisters: Serina and Yuimi both attend the same school, though Serina is a professor, this doesn't stop her from dating the students (niiiiice). Both are exploring their feelings for their current boyfriends. This obviously being a hentai means that you can probably guess what I mean by exploring. Midnight Milk Party: A much darker story. Akiho graduated collage a few months ago, and made a questionable decision. Now that past decision seems to dictate her life as the debauchery and humilliation continue to be constants in her present.
  4. Grimzeig

    Can Can Bunny Extra

    Short plot trailer: Kenta the best looser on the block. All he really wants is what any teen wants at his age; to score with hot chics and lots of them. It's not too much to ask is it? After Kenta's enlightenment of how much of an idiot he really is, Benzaiten Goddess Suwatee shows up again and wants to live along in his apartment. Because commuting from the etherial plane is such a pain in the ass. For the trouble? A single wish!
  5. Grimzeig

    Dragon Pink EP01-03 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

    I belive this actually was the 2nd hentai I'd ever seen. Humorous inserts of an RPG game type group thrown in makes for some good laughs. Short plot trailor: Santa the Hero, Bobo the Barbarian, Pierce the Mage.. last but not least Pink the Cat Slave! Our adventuring group goes around looking for XP and GP and bump into all sorts of nasties, but yet somehow, poor Pink ends up catching the bad end of each situation. The life of a cat slave is a fickle one indeed. Sit back and enjoy the nostalgic NES platform feel to this anime.
  6. Grimzeig

    Dragon Rider EP01-02 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

    Well first off this short series is to the point. Everything happens quite quickly, no foolin around. No dramatic build-ups of 3 episodes long ki charging to a fight here. Simple plot trailer: Cutie Karisu has been raised in the village of Tarutarp by her foster mother, one day she give a good bonk to a supposed theif named Rike attempting to take fruit from the orchards. After futher iinvestigation it's found that Rike aspires to become one of the elite Dragon Knights in the Kings court, doing so requires that one has a dragon. Now where do you suppose you can find one of them?
  7. Grimzeig


    Small plot trailer: Hiroe: A physically perfect girl in every way. She's been dating her boyfriend Sumio for quite sometime now, however, Hiroe has a small problem, she can't come. When her close friend Mayaka finds out Hiroe's prediciment an adventure ensues to help Hiroe out.
  8. Grimzeig


    I rather liked this one. My only wish is that if there are further installments that the battle sequences are enriched a bit. All this talk of archers and not a single archer unit. <_< For myself the only issues I ran into was the voices making the game crash every minute. So I shut em off and it never crashed on me again. A small disapointment in the well done game.
  9. Grimzeig

    Tea and... Alcohol?

    Ya know I had this sudden though the other day.. Coffee and Irish Cream.. lots of folks have had/tried it.. So.. I took some of my Chai and used the Irish Cream with it.. (Baileys) ohhh wow.. good stuff
  10. Grimzeig

    Tea and... Alcohol?

    ahhh.. okay.. I'm gonna try that. Sept if you like White Zifs you should try a Mescat goooood tart/sweet wine
  11. Grimzeig

    Tea and... Alcohol?

    So are you going through the whole heating and steeping process here or are you just simply dippin yer bag? I'm curious cause my personal poison is rum (Pyrat atm.) and I have a bunch of Chai that isn't getting used.
  12. Grimzeig

    Tea and... Alcohol?

    That's Matcha tea you speak of.. and it's a bit on the pricey side.. got some imported for just under a kidney and a spleen. I wouldn't waste it w/ saki.
  13. Well.. personaly I've not downloaded this game yet and I wouldn't be able to tell you the pinpoints of the whole operation there. Besides that my computer is totaly nerotic thanks to all my tweeking and acts like an autistic injun that's had too much firewater. What I can tell you is that your not gonna be able to do much with everything compressed... so I would advise you get to decompressing and work them computer skillz of yours until your carpals sieze.
  14. I'm wondering if you skipped over the part where it says to decompress the RAR files. Okay... A .rar is a compression extension format like .zip to which you may or may not be familiar with. The most able application to deal with this compression extention is WinRar. Once CD1-3 are decompressed or 'unrared' it will then reveal the .iso that can be mounted to Daemon Tools and you can then carry on your merry way.