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  1. LOLICON Flash (games)

    YuzuMinatsu Genre:Lolicon, Younger Sister, School, Swimwear, Romance, Consensual Sex, Pee, Oral sex, Internal Cumshot, Vaginal sex Company: Lilith Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:English/Japanese Censorship:yes File size:520mb Yuz_M1n_tsu.part1.rar - 130.33 MB Yuz_M1n_tsu.part2.rar - 130.33 MB Yuz_M1n_tsu.part3.rar - 130.33 MB Yuz_M1n_tsu.part4.rar - 130.31 MB or Yuz_M1n_tsu.part1.rar Yuz_M1n_tsu.part2.rar Yuz_M1n_tsu.part3.rar Yuz_M1n_tsu.part4.rar
  2. LOLICON Hentai CG Packs

    Pounding shoting diary of Aya Genre:HCG, Lolicon, Tortur, GangBang, SM, Sex toys, Swimsuit, Oral sex, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Internal Cumshot Format: JPG, HTML Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:585mb P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part1.rar - 117.15 MB P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part2.rar - 117.15 MB P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part3.rar - 117.15 MB P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part4.rar - 117.15 MB P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part5.rar - 116.52 MB or P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part1.rar P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part2.rar P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part3.rar P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part4.rar P0und1ng_sh0ting_d1ary_of_Ay_.part5.rar
  3. LOLICON 3D Hentai Video & Hentai Movie

    Тhe Роst-Rаре Eссеntriсity of Hаruhi Suzumiyа Genres:Lolicon, 3D, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Oral sex, Stun Gun, Rаре, Anal, DP, Coercion/Compulsion, Internal Cumshot, GangBang, Creampai Video:MKV.800x600 Company:Red Dragonfly Language:Japanese Duration:37min Subtitles:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:584mb T__P0st-S_x_Ec_ntr1c1ty_H_ruh1Suzum1ya.part1.rar T__P0st-S_x_Ec_ntr1c1ty_H_ruh1Suzum1ya.part2.rar or T__P0st-S_x_Ec_ntr1c1ty_H_ruh1Suzum1ya.part1.rar - 267.71 MB T__P0st-S_x_Ec_ntr1c1ty_H_ruh1Suzum1ya.part2.rar - 267.71 MB
  4. LOLICON Flash (games)

    Ariel's Adventure Genre:Lolicon, Maid, Golden Shower/Urination, Tentacle, Tiny Breasts, Oral sex, Virgin Female Company:TsurupetaKenkyuj0 Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:English/Japanese Censorship:yes File size:702mb Arie1s_Adventure.part1.rar - 300.41 MB Arie1s_Adventure.part2.rar - 300.41 MB Arie1s_Adventure.part3.rar - 101.58 MB or Arie1s_Adventure.part1.rar Arie1s_Adventure.part2.rar Arie1s_Adventure.part3.rar
  5. LOLICON Hentai CG Packs

    Fallen speed Genre:HCG, Lolicon, Slave, Hypnosis, Footjob, Pee, Virgin, Vaginal sex, Internal Cumshot Format: JPG,PNG Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:448mb Fa1ngsped.part1.rar Fa1ngsped.part2.rar or Fa1ngsped.part1.rar - 224.12 MB Fa1ngsped.part2.rar - 223.72 MB
  6. LOLICON 3D Hentai Video & Hentai Movie

    Angel Core Genres:Lolicon, BDSM, Bondage, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Oral sex, Military, War, Anal, Torture, Group sex Video:MKV.704x396 Episodes:ep1-2 Duration:26min Language:Japanese Subtitles:English File size:494mb Uncensored Ange1_C0re.part1.rar Ange1_C0re.part2.rar Ange1_C0re.part3.rar Ange1_C0re.part4.rar Ange1_C0re.part5.rar or Ange1_C0re.part1.rar - 102.04 MB Ange1_C0re.part2.rar - 102.04 MB Ange1_C0re.part3.rar - 102.04 MB Ange1_C0re.part4.rar - 102.04 MB Ange1_C0re.part5.rar - 85.74 MB
  7. LOLICON Flash (games)

    Saya Mind -Tale of a Young Girl- Genre:Lolicon, ADV, 3D, Rape, Internal Cumshot, Oral sex, Anal, Panties, Vaginal sex Company:crownos Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:English/Japanese Censorship:yes File size:774mb Platform: PC/Windows - Processor: Pentium4-2.0GHz or greater - Memory: 256MB or greater - HDD: 800x600 65536 colors or greater - Video: 128 mb - DirectX: 8.0 or greater Saya_M1nd_Ta1e_Y0ung_Gir1.part1.rar Saya_M1nd_Ta1e_Y0ung_Gir1.part2.rar Saya_M1nd_Ta1e_Y0ung_Gir1.part3.rar or Saya_M1nd_Ta1e_Y0ung_Gir1.part1.rar - 300.41 MB Saya_M1nd_Ta1e_Y0ung_Gir1.part2.rar - 300.41 MB Saya_M1nd_Ta1e_Y0ung_Gir1.part3.rar - 174.66 MB
  8. LOLICON Hentai CG Packs

    THE EXPRESSIONLESS Title:THE 無表情 Genre:HCG, Lolicon, Fetish, Cross-section View, Orgy Sex, Internal Cumshot, Tiny Breasts, X-Ray, Anal sex, Swimsuit, Oral sex Company:Einsatz Format: JPG(179) Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:102mb TheEXPRES10NLES.rar - 102.29 MB or TheEXPRES10NLES.rar
  9. LOLICON 3D Hentai Video & Hentai Movie

    Granddaughter I (mago a ver.1.0) Title:孫 (後編) Genre:3DAnimation, Lolicon, Hairless, Incest, Blowjob, Mastrubation, Group sex File format:exe/swf Company:yosino Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Censorship:yes File size:680mb Gr_nd_ght__I.part1.rar - 170.46 MB Gr_nd_ght__I.part2.rar - 170.46 MB Gr_nd_ght__I.part3.rar - 170.46 MB Gr_nd_ght__I.part4.rar - 170.27 MB or Gr_nd_ght__I.part1.rar Gr_nd_ght__I.part2.rar Gr_nd_ght__I.part3.rar Gr_nd_ght__I.part4.rar
  10. LOLICON Flash (games)

    The Summerside Vacation - Girl Girl Girl x Boy Original title:田舎のがっこで夏休み♀♀♀×♂ Genre:Lolicon, School, Romance, Orgy Sex, Lesbian, Tan, Yuri, Footjob, Vaginal sex Company:ТLВ Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:English/Japanese Censorship:yes File size:771mb T_Sumers1de_Vacat10n_-_G_G_G_B0y.part1.rar - 300.41 MB T_Sumers1de_Vacat10n_-_G_G_G_B0y.part2.rar - 300.41 MB T_Sumers1de_Vacat10n_-_G_G_G_B0y.part3.rar - 171.08 MB or T_Sumers1de_Vacat10n_-_G_G_G_B0y.part1.rar T_Sumers1de_Vacat10n_-_G_G_G_B0y.part2.rar T_Sumers1de_Vacat10n_-_G_G_G_B0y.part3.rar
  11. LOLICON Hentai CG Packs

    Hapy PETANKO Life2 Title:しやわせ ぺたん娘 Life 2 Genre:HCG, Lolicon, Cross-section View, Rape, DP, Internal Cumshot, Tiny Breasts, X-Ray, GangBang, Oral sex, Vaginal sex Company:MUGEN PANDA Format: JPG(1440x1080/1600x1200) Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:632mb Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part1.rar - 158.75 MB Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part2.rar - 158.75 MB Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part3.rar - 158.75 MB Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part4.rar - 157.30 MB or Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part1.rar Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part2.rar Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part3.rar Hapy_PETANK0_L1fe2.part4.rar
  12. LOLICON Hentai CG Packs

    Students sister Lori juice Title:お留守番○学生姉妹 ロリ汁肉穴イカセまくり調教 Genre:HCG, Lolicon, Torture, Enema, Pissing, Anal sex, Defloration, Sex toys, Oral sex, Fingering Format: JPG(Pics 288) Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:106mb Students1ster_L0rju1ce.rar - 106.52 MB or Students1ster_L0rju1ce.rar Virtual girl Kyousei Title:仮想少女強制自慰写真集 Genre:3DCG, Lolicon, Masturbation, Small Tits, Pregnancy Company: pozahara Format: JPG(1200x1600) Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:152mb V1rtual_gir1_Ky0usei.rar or V1rtual_gir1_Ky0usei.rar - 156.61 MB
  13. LOLICON Flash (games)

    Rorila gankaii Title:ロリータ限界ピストン調教 Genre:Scat, Enema, Anal, Creampie, Loli, Peeing Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:Japanese/English Censorship:yes File size:7mb R0ri1a_g_nka11p1sut0n_ch0uky0.rar - 6.92 MB or R0ri1a_g_nka11p1sut0n_ch0uky0.rar To L*ve-ru Diary GOLD Original title:とらぶるだいあり~・ごーるど Genre:Lolicon, Foot Job, Twin Tail, Oral sex, Internal Cumshot, Swimsuit, Vaginal sex Company:marmaiade*star Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:English/Japanese Censorship:yes File size:2Gb To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part01.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part02.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part03.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part04.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part05.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part06.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part07.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part08.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part09.rar - 201.06 MB To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part10.rar - 201.01 MB or To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part01.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part02.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part03.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part04.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part05.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part06.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part07.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part08.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part09.rar To_L0ve-ru_D1ary_G0LD.part10.rar
  14. LOLICON 3D Hentai Video & Hentai Movie

    Gakincho Rape Title:がきんちょレイプ Genre:Animation, Lolicon, Ahegao, Oral sex, Virgin, Rape, Netori Video:MKV.720x480 Language:Japanese Duration:31min Subtitles:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:266mb Gak1ncho_R_p_3D.part1.rar Gak1ncho_R_p_3D.part2.rar or Gak1ncho_R_p_3D.part1.rar - 133.23 MB Gak1ncho_R_p_3D.part2.rar - 133.23 MB Takаshi and uncle Title:叔父貴と姪と Ganre:Lolicon, Smal tits, Oral sex, Virgin, Incest, Internal Cumshot, Masturbation, Vaginal sex File type: exe Language:Japanese Censorship:yes File size:1.2Gb Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part1.rar - 247.96 MB Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part2.rar - 247.96 MB Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part3.rar - 247.96 MB Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part4.rar - 247.96 MB Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part5.rar - 239.54 MB or Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part1.rar Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part2.rar Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part3.rar Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part4.rar Tak_sh1___unc1e_.part5.rar Loli Movie 2 Original title:ロリ動画 Part2 Genre:Lolicon, Anime, Rаре, Childlike Build, Internal Cumshot, Oral sex, Glasses, Virgin Female, Vaginal sex File type:AVI/MP4 Company:аmаm1-k Language:Japanese Subtitles:no Interface:English/Japanese Censorship:yes File size:238mb L01_M0v1__2.part1.rar L01_M0v1__2.part2.rar or L01_M0v1__2.part1.rar - 119.65 MB L01_M0v1__2.part2.rar - 119.65 MB
  15. Zutto Suki Datta Ganre:Teachers, Students, Big tits, School uniform, Swimsuit, Virgin, Vaginal sex Video:MKV.1280x720 Episodes:ep.1-2 of 2 Duration:2x30min Language:Japanese Subtitles:English Censorship:yes File size:594mb Zutt0_Suk1_Datta_.part1.rar Zutt0_Suk1_Datta_.part2.rar or Zutt0_Suk1_Datta_.part1.rar - 381.47 MB Zutt0_Suk1_Datta_.part2.rar - 213.25 MB Kakushi Dere Title:かくしデレ Ganre:Big tits, Oral sex, Straight, Titsjob, Classmates, Uniform, Older brother, X-ray, Vaginal sex Video:MKV.720x480 Episodes:ep.1-3 of 3 Duration:3x30min Language:Japanese Subtitles:English Censorship:yes File size:529mb Kakush1_Dere.part1.rar - 381.47 MB Kakush1_Dere.part2.rar - 148.22 MB or Kakush1_Dere.part1.rar Kakush1_Dere.part2.rar HHH Triple Ecchi Title:トリプルエッチ♥ Ganre:Group sex, Ahegao, X-Ray, Virgin, Big tits, Oral sex, Paizuri, Anal, Vaginal sex Video:MKV.720x480 Episodes:ep.1-4 of 4 Duration:4x17min Language:Japanese Subtitles:English Censorship:yes File size:529mb HHH_Trip1e_Ecch1.part1.rar HHH_Trip1e_Ecch1.part2.rar or HHH_Trip1e_Ecch1.part1.rar - 381.47 MB HHH_Trip1e_Ecch1.part2.rar - 140.89 MB