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  1. CreepzBlog

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    List updated today, I will update list again in a few days
  2. CreepzBlog

    Forum Hentai Games is Gone

    well im happy its back now, now I can get back to work sharing games Hehe :D
  3. CreepzBlog

    Forum Hentai Games is Gone

    Where is the hentai games user section, im heartbroken here
  4. CreepzBlog

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    Updated The List, Now I do know some games are English but please let me know which games are jap and English because I do test games but I tend to forget after uploading if it was English or jap. sorry im very busy always searching and buying new games to share with everyone here.
  5. CreepzBlog

    Mega list is fixed

    I fixed the Mega Links Enjoy The Games hehehe
  6. CreepzBlog

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    Updated and Fixed
  7. CreepzBlog

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    ah I see i'll fix the links
  8. CreepzBlog

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    I want to update everyone that this Mega List is a back up list of all the games I have im currently trying to re-upload all the games and movies I lost Enjoy The List - I Will Continue to Update the List as I wait and upload more games to Mega Cheers!! Eclipse works - Magica (ENG) -!79MBFDBL!VDFtIXCn9lM-wOiqtJgsbr7ASlO1W1C2P6f-sxXUSVo The Red Strings Club - ( I think its Eng, let me know) -!2olHXKaA!d9_BrX8oBa4Eh6aJE0UCS_It3UC2dr1bAMJLMO82vgg Chun-Li Fight!! -Gomen ne! I Orgasmed to All the Molesters (JAP) -!K5dExRxB!wK-u9OzvJLSE2S-MV2yGA2DVB-7H5yZ8D1-7ZxjF9vU [RPG] [Serurebu] Maomao Discovery Team Ver.1.0 (JAP) -!7k8nlRpb!tD2Cd22q2BFwr0Bdk9BLLOezBqfl5qHNad2-CGwh_PY Dr.Tannou (JAP) -!u1M2haxA!tD-q3Y6E5t4qEuok_lwMi7muFyoEN1ZtpTHHo0WwZsE Teen Tales (ENG) -!ztcXkY5Y!5MBrcuaN2ncwwit8ENtsZeuB7N4I8m7uKS5m-FnZJKc Pixel Town Wild Times (JAP) -!KpF3wbBR!amNoFNs9GmOHNSWktQYGiUu37xg7TJTvC1gyRPRB1rQ Knightess Layla (JAP) -!vpMhnCCY!0FvPGAOq2xgFo12KpMe02JUr4caSBrHPPfuMWPfI_XM Super 117 v1.063 (JAP) -!L40DDJIA!HGWlhO_DkJxSjN45LfKrRCkJMqcWkwM1Pd-42-Vtzys Shrine Maiden Kanna's Meatheaded ExorFist Record Ver.2.01 (JAP) -!z1M02Y6L!pBGRtb9_hkTYxmLyCHFGrS8HeIdvY30X4IpGOrfneuw Become Tentacle, Destroy the Town, Humiliate the Girls (JAP) -!z8Vn0AzS!gPbVDiDgsZEJUVwfYZN9GGGi23d8n4FYBeyX-9ZtH7o Paizuri University Chapter 1 (ENG) -!So9H0ZIJ!-ibTmWWoALAg5B6wiHpfbZMYj1b50RcDBJcFlmDdMSE FOB v1.14a - Forest of Gold Blues (ENG) -!OpsCDCxT!m3fiIM3Ked3D5NP9kSLSffkyy0fp_jiIOQYV6gO6sLU Kei - Daughter of the Devil (JAP) -!ihdRCBwa!97fMexNGuTcQErNDEbxFQphudZOkKF9i2FjrRY4b8h8 Poor Girl's Story (ENG) -!qw0xDA7D!adLzsOUKd97fUigm2VNP_Lw9DvWKRtk31BMUw9O3dbs [PL] Gargoyles, the Beast and the Bitch (ENG) -!6wMG0SrD!5NRg49QFuxvn0L5lntpxe4QO38HSkDd0KJQQ0uAZL1Y Lewdest Labyrinth Ver.1.2 [English-Uncen] -!31NWBJbB!sY1A5PStV3xao9SyJllzW_60_5LoHAuDLW4rkUdIwjg One Scene H3 (JAP) -!Cx0WRZBa!_X6ZJMCbvCUqwB-iOIU8bSO67eAIy_bYaesrOztRoPs Melanie Blade ver 2018 (JAP) -!fkMGWC5I!WOvQUoXCPY2Mw1f46zV3phL2IUiB3tXYu4V4bWQZ5a0 Fire Witch (Stag Beetle) (JAP) -!D0tyTaBb!c64c0eyt6DHZCeyHsV4TZw1vAIDUm28HvjpJRuRwsSQ Mugcat - Watchful World Rescue Play of Amateur Goddess (JAP) -!bwFjEIoI!qmzLTg5Xo16vKHAUNASqug8raC5xZGB-6TXnKDzpBck Night Attack on Little Sister - Hacked Edition (ENG) -!bxtUnQjZ!IFoFJU1el1NnnHGiCCab7hOVAd5HXZFO6hIvIOjiNuU Pussymon Episdodes 1-30 (ENG) -!ewd2RR4b!BPjLHnl8faTrixifVN8zd7MDSwtStylbNCOMjCDGwvM Young House Sitter (JAP) -!apNDQbJC!Y9-iz0qMKA5JqUNyejEuNKtp1ateBkBJGZGhuB0udQA Kasumi Rebirth Updated (JAP) -!rgsngLCR!rxTMgeLyavGGXmuOTTx1Adv-3rfMJTVUm0C_3QHJd5o Summon of Asmodius (JAP) -!i9tnUCCC!8kGHCZ35d3bpAAJJ4VfjGQ0TGP9QsY5BPZNd4mJ4Ep0 Pixie Panic Garden (ENG) -!Os8mBaYA!cqqZlwp2yfHqEYc4Gqucjpx7pbF5IXyZFL672smnUv4 Bend or Break Legend of Korra Capture (ENG) -!jtEDQS4Y!vcnQ4vseg7_gtUAbtzAyC1vGzQn9OTfwhfGvowDK6Rs The War Disorder Hexa v1.0 (JAP) -!CxM0UZSR!SYP6o9jqGMoV8xCnnfiUZRKeLzGX8D5sq1hHXfmThc0 Secret Babes Vol 6 (JAP) -!GhdGBBrJ!KRkktdjQIAHieiHjbGBilTlKZNezknC5ZccgE5EbZ58 Pigtail Touch (JAP) -!ytkmlR7Z!tUPS1NDuAARSWIsdRdnV9Pdss3ovkLYcaiB1yw0SOxk Sexual Harrassment Office (ENG) -!mlllUA6S!7rrxLLNCfkg_EElY6FUR1xMnVzTlOiMbYL_AU9kS0gQ Liquor Lease (JAP) -!vgkWATDA!kBPbsmpVXAef6fUHm7-r5R49m6kcH5b93geX9bjpuNE Kasumi Rebirth (JAP) -!qg8UESaT!AOuuctg21AAY_PcWCNNomazzoHW3zTK_Eazc1AkXFgw Punishment for Tifa (JAP) -!G0lg2ARa!HjwMR8n8ZEWs5Rc0prP21kHHCtsDs1bt5tvvfn0Y0NA Orction (ENG) -!u0VDwJjD!ery3r37EyimJcagc8uOjsynQcakquk1w4I_E24Ppmyk One Shot H2 v1.2 (JAP) -!GxNRwDgS!H2ZRckpUiTu5VWknWRSjUFIz5F1vnkkzFFNLbrP4fRs Ero Trap NTR Dungeon Z (JAP) -!jw0kTYwR!JYtU0zMxVn4LIpoxiJjbxwXFLo_iRARO_4dYZWZ98cQ Adventurer Dorothy and tentacle labyrinth v1.14 (JAP) -!a1VnkZrY!5JD4GHGUDqZHXHyi8V6MhwKuAINrs0cnwX_YoYgdXDQ T-ENTA-P - Bounty Hunter 3 (JAP) -!j9thGTLQ!bTEH9WDEY9Q9DUJvjgbe1ldL7rvfB2wk948f9oah5q0 Procreation of Chimera Ver.3.1 (JAP) -!3pEBEYiS!pktyTVw8G4FafgobOIIiWEGvDiCeYkABztZ4HfowJvo Gazukull_Dead-Tide-Daylight-Ring (ENG) -!nws3gLZI!uyed6UrJbLHI8hKdB-tcGVFhnq-YJZnkGDuZLa5_qh0 Welcome to the Adventurers' Inn (JAP) -!CpNnwRgY!Amm3z4GlVZmk2udl6B1PWtvRZRORKHkn5KnNk-lCjQ8 Erotic Trap Dungeon (ENG) -!Wt9hiI6B!9KeMKcw-TMYAsTEeTF5aP1doBMK-QU0YaXB8jV6NoFU Girlvania summer_lust+Expansion_Pack-Legs&Feet (ENG) -!Ht8DEBbJ!qJkPSxZQqqgopv3YnyvYumfnmCdG1JvUUflXn2tpahk Orc_of_Ambitia__Nationwide_Edition_Ver.1.21 (JAP) -!WgdXiaKR!8EPFeM8vvENlJ88_bUxMj9l3SpDqeY9pWVZKQbKUI_g
  9. CreepzBlog

    We Got a List Started Here we decided to start a list. reason why is im busy with life and im kinda in a love situation lol nothing yall need to worry about hahaha but yeah the list goes from all the links I uploaded in Mega, Then it will be, then so on and so on We are thinking of bringing that list here :D hehe We hope you enjoy the list Also here - You may see some content posted, when you do please do take note that my team is now available and will be posting games (mostly new games) is down so yeah that's over 500 content currently being blocked due to the us shut down but don't worry we have faith they will return. We are in the process for re-uploading games we lost with rabidfiles. The new host we are using - Mega, Google Drive, Masiup, Suprafiles, Mirrorcreator and We may return to Dropbox. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. have a wonderful summer and Cheers!!
  10. Genre: 3D, Constructor, Lesbian, Anal sex, Group sex, Oral sex Censorship: No Language: Eng Size: 487 MB Download Game Here Mega -!Ht8DEBbJ!qJkPSxZQqqgopv3YnyvYumfnmCdG1JvUUflXn2tpahk Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles - Google Drive -
  11. Genre: RPG, Hand Job, Blowjob, Outdoor Exposure, Tickling, Golden Shower Censorship: yes Language: Jap Size: 351 MB Download Game Here Mega -!j9thGTLQ!bTEH9WDEY9Q9DUJvjgbe1ldL7rvfB2wk948f9oah5q0 Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles -
  12. CreepzBlog

    Erotic Trap Dungeon (RE197443) (English)

    Updated with Mega
  13. Title / タイトル: エロトラップNTRダンジョンZ Brand / ブランド: 肩こりです Release / 販売日: 2018/03/19 File size / ファイル容量: 35MB The two who swore love crown a nasty trapCan I escape the dungeon safely …? SynopsisHeroine · Mia and his boyfriend Ryan to give a wedding ceremonyTo go to the village of Ryan’s hometown.In order to make a shortcut it was supposed to go through the tunnel in the wayActually the tunnel was a terrible place …! ■ Game contentsI will proceed to avoid trapping the dungeons full of traps with two people.When you get into a trap, Miah will be in your eyes.Will it change to Miia ‘s situation … if it is too close to your eyes?And ending changes. ■ Character· MiaA genius who climbed up to the kingdom knight captain with impossible youth.He retired from the knight while being missed because he was married.Even though it is an innocent Loli face, the body is growing up on the contrary. RyanA young man without stupid things with stupid fucking with stupid fuck.Miya’s fiance. Mia is very popular but why this guyWhether it was elected is a mystery of the kingdom. · Everyone in the OrderAlmost no turn. · Everyone of the bandits(Depending on the route) to make a big success. Download Game Here Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles - Masiup - Mega -!jw0kTYwR!JYtU0zMxVn4LIpoxiJjbxwXFLo_iRARO_4dYZWZ98cQ
  14. CreepzBlog

    (MODX) ATTACKER : Arisara

    Title / タイトル: ATTACKER : Arisara Brand / ブランド: MODX Release / 販売日: 2015/12/24 File size / ファイル容量: 22MB Simple clickable flash game. Touch on the heroine parts, include a H scene after made her orgasm. Let’s make her Squirting!! Download Game Here Mirrorcreator - SupraFiles -
  15. The War Disorder Hexa Artist/Circle: ikebukuroDPC Language: Japanese Format: EXE Size: 217MB Download Game Here Mega -!CxM0UZSR!SYP6o9jqGMoV8xCnnfiUZRKeLzGX8D5sq1hHXfmThc0 Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles - Masiup - GoogleDrive -