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  1. Cosplayer

    Invincible Goddess Beauty

    ENGLISH SUBTITLES Invincible Goddess may have super powers, but now that she's been possessed by a human spirit, she's far too impotent to arrest her personal demon, who violates her with impunity. And, although stubborn resistance only increases her torment, the hapless heroine refuses to concede defeat even to the very bitter end. As you'll see, Nene Fujimori isn't endowed with large breasts, butt she does have a nice ass and the camera gives us many close up views. Of course, as many of you know, the Japs normally blur our view of male and female genitals; a technique I find VERY annoying. IMO, clothing is a far more natural method of concealment. In this video, the heroine's costume is torn just enough to expose her small breasts, while a slender thong affords us a generous view of her shapely buttocks. Most importantly, her vagina remains covered, even during simulated copulation. Although, I would have preferred a sheer, see-through fabric instead of an opaque blue patch. MKV (720 x 480) 1:04:58, 770 Mb https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZ6ozb7ZHmdCL8w0slL2AOe5gtq9LuXODq67
  2. Cosplayer

    Angel Blade

    As a young virgin slowly blossoms into womanhood, the fruits of temptation fully ripen, dripping with juices before the lustful eyes of a sinful world. Naive, inexperienced, completely exposed and virtually powerless, the ingénue is ready prey for demonic beasts with insatiable appetites. Provoked by primal urges emerging from the murky depths of her subconscious, the young maiden struggles to reconcile new erotic feelings with her well founded sense of morality and dignity. Acquiescence to animal instincts would simply be inhuman, but, if sex is wrong, why then does she take pleasure in her torment? Is her femininity truly a weakness or, rather, may women be empowered by its irresistible provocative force? "Those that soil this moon with the blood of women will be torn completely apart" Enter Angel Blade, an awesome spectacle to behold, her bountiful virtues prominently displayed and embellished in exotic apparel. Standing high above stunned onlookers, bathed by moonlight, Angel Blade embodies all that a young woman can ever hope to be; proudly exhibiting her womanhood in bold defiance to all who would exploit the damsels in distress that she has so nobly devoted her life to protect. But how can she? Does not Angel Blade too feel the seed of desire budding within her swelling bosom? Can a gorgeous flower in full bloom forever withhold its sweet nectar? Yet, it would seem that our dying world is in desperate need of its vital sustenance. Fleeting remnants of humanity, dwindling lights against a bleak horizon, are threatened by the absolute darkness that would devour us all. In battle, the Moonlight Knight jounces her ample breasts and swings her curvaceous hips, in time with sharp, strident chords, and in smooth harmony with a fluttering and pounding heart beat. Should Angel Blade prove to be too weak, however, should she surrender her bare flesh to unspeakable evil, she would be completely stripped of all virtue and forever transformed into an indomitable beast, so perverse that it is neither male nor female. How can Angel Blade stand against this overwhelming tide of wanton lust and vile corruption? Somewhere, deep within her very soul, she must find the strength she needs. "The sharpest blades are the dreams you have in your heart" It is a six part series. These uncensored videos graphically depict numerous rapes and one consensual sex scene. Nudity and bestiality is abundant. There are a fair number of combat scenes as well, including gun violence and gore. The Japanese sound track plays by default, but you can switch to the English one. You will still need the English subs for song lyrics and signs. Media players such as Pot Player and SMPlayer should do the trick. pc.cd/kZV5TF7ZcP2EqkCSJcknpB0goJ5RhXTBeX3X
  3. ENGLISH SUBTITLES In a morally depraved alternate-reality, leaders of society are hypocritical instructors. As in any educational system, there are rules to follow, but the only one that counts is obedience. Indeed, cooperating with corrupt authorities is an easier path to success than are honest work and commitment. Conventional rules and ethical standards are irrelevant, since evil magnates can do as they please with a would be defender of justice & liberty. Stripped of all honor, the impotent heroine unwittingly exemplifies the futility of resistance. For it seems, after all, that the very epitome of righteousness has an irrefutable weakness, namely carnal lust. Her mind says no, but her all too vulnerable body says yes, as noxious venom slowly penetrates her soul and inexorably takes her hostage. Like Ying & Yang, pain & pleasure become inextricably intertwined, and, paradoxically, the disillusioned heroine is raped by her own consent, until a feverish frenzy turns even the mightiest among us into a mindless puppet of malleable flesh, and the vital force that is drained from her stark naked body sustains the ever growing, indestructible power that corrupts. An insatiable and omnipotent power, before which she will forever bend in servile submission. ENGLISH SUBTITLES WMV (480p, 2500 kbps) 1:27:39, 1.62 Gb https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZarL6Zl79eed4F2SzhJlfULI3H3FRx1WSX Due to the small frame size and the modest bitrate, the picture is rather fuzzy. You should notice it break up during rapid movements. This is why I recommend you try PotPlayer. It has a variety of customizable filters which will help you get a smoother picture. It is especially useful for low quality videos and animation. https://potplayer.daum.net/?lang=en
  4. Cosplayer

    Creating a New Thread

    I can't seem to create a new thread. When I click on Create, I get a pull down menu letting me select which thread I want to post in. But all the options are grey and I can't make any selections.

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