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  1. Kensou Adventures

    Here comes finally the 1.7 version adding Vanessa ! DDL : Normal way (Kensou meets Vanessa after he saved South Town City from Geese Howard's organisation). Dark path (After becoming the new big boss of South Town, Kensou fights Vanessa and then makes her work for him). All the uncensored versions here : Vanessa normal way Vanessa Dark path
  2. File name : [FOW-012]Mila_Red_Riding_Hood Size : 547.53 Mb Resolution : 1280x720 Duration : 00:14:11 Format : MP4 Voice : English Studio : Studio FOW Censure : no Link Deposit Files : Mila in a revisited version of "The little redhood" playing with werewolfs.
  3. Kensou Adventures

    Morrigan ending And the artworks of the Vice and Mature endings So now, I can proudly announce my project is finally over ! You can download the full game ! Link to Final version 1.4 : I will edit all DL link on the topic. Now, I'll take a time to translate the game in english. Thanks for watched my works.
  4. Kensou Adventures

    2 different Chun-Li ending
  5. Kensou Adventures

    Sakura Kasugano ending
  6. Kensou Adventures

    Whip ending
  7. Kensou Adventures

    Leona Heidern ending
  8. Kensou Adventures

    Mai Shiranui ending
  9. Kensou Adventures

    Blue Mary ending
  10. Kensou Adventures

    The 4 Karin Kazuki's different endings Ending A unlock when Kensou works for her. Ending B Special ending, a mad Kensou decides to blackmail Karin who will become a sexual slave. Ending C a convenient ending. Kensou becomes the Karin's girlfriend despite his non royalty background Ending D a special ending, unlocked when Kensou becomes a clumsy goofy boyfriend.
  11. Kensou Adventures

    King ending
  12. Kensou Adventures

    Hinako Ending Yuri Sakazaki ending Most recent update (16/05/2017) : (All posts to DL edited)
  13. Kensou Adventures

    All right ! There's finally one of the ending for my game ! I have also changed the old opening screen version by new one The final game release will arrive soon. In the meanwhile of the public release, you can check my Patreon page : I'm already considering new version update including new characters, new functions (special gallery in game), and make english translation. I'm also looking for create new hentai games about other fighting game girls like Blaz Blue, Guilty Gear, etc (because Ark system girls are pretty damn cute !....). Because Kensou Adventures needed a long time to develop (10 years), so Patreon support will be helpfull to the achievement of this project and new to come also. Of course, I still post here updates of my free fangames. If you liked my work, just take a look to my Patrreon page ;) Edit : Athena's bad ending
  14. Kensou Adventures

    There's the Athena Asamiya Hentai scene after the concert
  15. Kensou Adventures

    Athena's concert finally acheaved ! Even if it looks short, this scene was so loooong to draw !