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  1. Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    Thanks. & I finally got cdi files to work downloading what you said. Do you know how to get the game to open in windowed? Or know of a site that can teach all Japanese for free w/out sign-ups w/out being mind-numbing?
  2. Manga identifications & get

    Anyone have this?
  3. Lots of stuff!

    If anyone owns Hime Ichiya, could they upload it somewhere? When I lost my stuff, I tried redownloading it, but the password from the text document didn't work.
  4. She ill server RE208892 RJ208892

    As of Dec 16th 2017 - Updated to English Translated Version!
  5. Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    So I'll have to find this thing again? TT^TT
  6. Is this site good or bad? http://upcomics.org/free-games/7462-serurebu-core-awaken-hexdesire-princess-yuka.html
  7. stuff gone

    When I turned on my fixed computer, none of my stuff were there. Now I'll have to redownload everything. Now, I'm trying to find the visual novel where the half-sister dog girl's portrait moves as though she's in a Neptunia game, & trying to get Hime Ichiya to work, since I put in the password & email, & it no longer works.
  8. Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    My computer got wiped out. TT I had to redownload it. How do I get the password to work?
  9. stuff gone

    Considering no1's answered, I can't get my stuff back? Can some1 at least tell me where I get them again? 1st 1 is a visual novel hentai w/ a loli dog girl who is your half-sister.
  10. stuff gone

    I had to get my hard drive replaced. Memory check said memory's fine, but hard drive check failed. After getting it replaced, all my stuff were gone! My pictures, videos, game, EVERYTHING! Is any of it salvageable, or are they gone forever!? I could probably re-download some of it, but some things were taken of the net, including things I didn't get here, like non-hentai games shown on AS3Cat's Game Walkthroughs's YouTube Channel.
  11. Online payments, besides Steam & Google Play…

    Can I put a minimum of 5-10 on it, 'cause I'm trying to get Panzerwerfer in Armor Blitz, but I can only get the box deals once per day, & I'll probably only have about 5-10 to spend.
  12. Old stuff…

    Your welcome?
  13. Online payments, besides Steam & Google Play…

    Can I get those at Wal-Mart or GameStop?
  14. Old stuff…

    Also, this: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=9262 It's what the anime is based on. If it's not online, here is AMAZON: https://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4047136654/hatena-hamazou-22/