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  1. Manga identifications & get

    forgot these, too -there was this floating stuffed(?) creature, like Kyubey, w/ a wad of cash is its hands, saying that prostitution is profitable; when the girl says she wishes she had more cash, the creature slams the money into the ground, & tells her to pick it up. The manga was pink when I saw it. -what's the original, unrewrited version of -Sakura (from CardCaptor Sakura) looks out her window, & sees Rika & her teacher having sex by a tree. -a manga where boys voted for girls by "voting" inside of them
  2. Manga identifications & get

    Also, there are some manga I can't seem to remember. -Diancie manga where she is raped by, I think, a Conkeldurr -a manga of 2 lolis finding some guy living in a box or tent, near a river, by a bridge(?); (What happens next is obvious); Then an adult (1 of their mothers?) finds them, so the 2 girls hold the lady off & tells the guy to escape; Then, at home, they become yuri -this 1 was actually 1 story from a long manga, & what I'm talking about happens somewhere in the middle: This 1 loli lives in a guy's closet, & they do it frequently. But then she grows up, & has bigger breasts, & they do it less often. When she cries about this, the guy confesses his love. -a brother & sister (both seem like high schoolers) play a strip game; at the end, the sister says that they may have gotten too careless, as the mother found her panties, & told her of how her brother used it.
  3. Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    We need to get someone who knows Japanese, have them get the game, & put the files into a computer, then upload it to a download site.
  4. Reminds me of Fate/stay night series, for some reason.
  5. These 3, please?

    Thanks! Might take a while, though… Also, why do some DLsite pages disappear, but people still put their DLsite ID code? (e.g.: RJ097295)
  6. The original manga source of these memes?
  7. These 3, please?

    & these…
  8. Paradise Maze (RJ160855)

    What anime is the girl on the top-right from?
  9. These 3, please?

    W/ lolis strawberries on top?
  10. JC Fight English

    OK. Let me know when.
  11. JC Fight English

    Link updated?
  12. Collection Porno games for Android (English)

  13. Thanks! BTW, no one seems to be responding to my anime request, or my game requests & replies, so could you identify this in their stead? Seems to have gotten fixed… I'll wait some time to see if anyone can actually see my requests, so that I'm only asking 1 thing at a time…
  14. The other 1 you posted on this site wasn't English?