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  1. Ib Guertena

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    Was a hint to the encryption key given somewhere else?
  2. Ib Guertena


    http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE194421.html http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE207058.html
  3. Ib Guertena

    Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena (ENG)

    The English is already applied, right? Now to wait for an updated link.
  4. Ib Guertena

    Closing our little ning site

    Let's hope this 1 stays.
  5. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    I think I found it on my own. https://vndb.org/v20585
  6. Ib Guertena

    Vitamin CCC - Viola - Rape School version 3.0

    At 1st, it worked, but then got cut off, & never worked again. Other depfile downloads still work, though.
  7. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    Any1 still come here? Or no1 knows the answer?
  8. Ib Guertena

    Vitamin CCC - Viola - Rape School version 3.0

    Tried all my other browsers; Same thing. Maybe my computer has a something against this game in particular?
  9. Ib Guertena

    Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena (ENG)

    How do I get this to work, again?
  10. Ib Guertena

    Vitamin CCC - Viola - Rape School version 3.0

    Anyone else getting 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable nginx/1.0.10 ?
  11. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    Can I ask for identification w/out a picture? It seems people aren't seeing my question. There's a game where there are only 3 characters: Yours (obviously), your dad (who is only there during the beginning & ends), & the girl (who is the only 1 w/ a character portrait). The girl is your older half-sister, who looks kinda loli, but that's not real important. She has animal ears. She needs to have a baby to pass down her god powers. You can only do it w/ her whenever her meter is full, which is filled by talking to her once a day, & by giving her gifts. Gifts can be made by using materials you've gathered. The game ends after some in-game days, & is visual novel-like. Multiple endings. The girl's portrait moving reminds me of the Neptunia games, & the art reminds me of games from Onion Tail. This, too.
  12. Ib Guertena

    PSYKA (RJ149844)

    Works, now that I finally got my computer to Japanese setting. Anyone have Ver. 1.1 English?
  13. Ib Guertena

    older games

    Anyone have these? Loli Fantasy EX (a.k.a. Lolicon Fantasy) - http://www.hongfire.com/forum/forum/hentai-lair/hentai-game-discussion/411436-loli-fantasy-ex Rise of a Demon Lord - http://www.pinkpetal.org/index.php?topic=2111.0
  14. Ib Guertena

    Queen's Legacy (RJ194316)

    Not sure why no one's answered in all this time, but it seems okay now.
  15. Ib Guertena

    Hime Ichiya - 秘女一夜

    At the end of Lots of Stuff, I was trying to get the names of 3 games, but number 2 of that I found the name for (Amulet of the Seven Souls). Do you know the name of a game that looks like a flash game, & seems like a visual novel, but you raise your relationship w/ a dog girl by talking to her, & gathering materials to make gifts for her? There are a certain number of days you need to get her pregnant by. She is your older half-sister, but is a loli. I'm not sure if I got it from this site. The 3rd was harder to describe, since it's a collection of moving pixel sprites. There are at least 4 sets, but I got a bundle of 3 here. I think there may have been orcs or thieves in some. There used to be a 4th 1, but after the site's time-travelling reset, I have since found it. It's called Kukuri (which I ended up needing to get it here: https://u3.getuploader.com/ryona2/download/456 ). Still feels like something's missing in the end; Like it's a cliffhanger, or something. The only friend I have who knows Japanese can't read kanji. He can still read the other stuff, like katakana, just fine.