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    FlyingPC – Maze of Marionette (Eng)

    Is this the official voiced English, or the fan-translated unvoiced English?
  2. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    Ya sure? I have quite the long list on this page & the previous one. In fact, here are some live-action (hope this still qualifies) & 1 manga I wanted to know: 1st - Tentacle horror. There was a scene where a guy tried to rape a lady somewhere in town. I remember most that this couple was in the woods, & a tentacle killed the guy, then did the woman. She was completely oblivious that her boyfriend is dead, & doesn't seem to realize what's in her is not human. She dies as they finish. There was a lot of green in the movie, I think. 2nd - A man rapes a girl, encouraged to do so by his mom, to teach her & her family a lesson (I think). Another rape at the end, but he sees an item, & seems to realize something, & leaves. [Not Japanese or English] 3rd - Old Asian martial arts style movie where the sex happens during fight scenes, AS ways of fighting. Maybe Chinese? parody - Diancie parody manga involving Conkeldurr beating up some Carbink to get to her. Also, if there are a few bilingual people who can edit files, can we start a thread to request translations?
  3. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    Sorry to add to an ongoing list, but I remembered the rest of my list: A) Manga where loli is asked out by guy she likes, but the guy's older brother lures her to their house & rapes her. She calls boyfriend, but decides not to tell him. She calls again after working up courage to tell him, but text says not to see him again, & he already blocked her number. Loli cries. B) Manga where man keeps loli in closet (I think) & does her often, but as she grows, they do less. As woman, she asks if because she became ugly (I think), but (I think) he was just feeling guilty? (In the middle of a collection of stories.) C) Manga where photographer tries to get magazine to recognize stories of war orphans as interesting. Was told to wear a scarf (or whatever it was) & if the girl takes it, it's a proposal. His pictures finally become popular, & years later, girl grew up & found him w/ the ID card she took from him before. D) Manga where loli & guy have relationship. 1 of the times they do it, he asks her why she likes him near the end. She says she doesn't know. After that, he doesn't see her. He decides to focus on college (I think), & gets better. Loli meets him again out of the blue. Not sure beyond that. A-1) Also, this: Had to adjust to reduce file size to upload.
  4. Ib Guertena

    morino yakata

    I can get 1 of these games. Anyone know how to get the other 3? http://morinoyakata.x.fc2.com/game.html There also seems to be a 1.02 version of Igyou no Hakoniwa, but I don't know password. https://ux.getuploader.com/morino_yakata/download/43
  5. Ib Guertena

    Nighthawk Game Collection

    Is your computer set to Japanese locale? Also, speaking of musume, is Musume Shimai on this site?
  6. This: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE098950.html
  7. Ib Guertena


    Anyone have full version? http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE118324.html
  8. Ib Guertena

    Escape or…

    I actually managed to find more sites on it (somehow). http://erogamescape.dyndns.org/~ap2/ero/toukei_kaiseki/game.php?game=23377 https://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_061948zero/
  9. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    Found both. Thanks. That's amazing!
  10. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    Anyone still using this thread? If so, I need some things identified. 1. Manga w/ 2 lolis, a homeless guy (I think), & a river &/or bridge (not sure). The see him every day, but were then found out. The lolis distract the person to let the guy escape. I think they have yuri at the end, or it's hinted at. [Might be part of a collection of stories.] 2. Hide & seek manga, but you also have to get them to make a sound from there voice after finding them. The girl being taken advantaged of is telling this story to her son as how she lost her virginity. [Think it's part of a collection of stories.] 3. Anime where a guy's senpai uses her hand while another student is w/ them, using the desk so he wouldn't see. Then she drops an eraser, goes down to get it, then uses her mouth. On a train, him & another girl see who can guess who'll get on the train 1st. The guy gets a "reward." [Not sure how many episodes, if there are more.] 4. Manga where a floating little creature is holding money, talking about how profitable prostitution is, & the girl asks if she can have some of the money she earned. The creature slams the cash onto the ground & tells her to pick it up. I only saw 1 page, & it was pink. I saw it on a sight about white butterflies a long time ago. 5. A manga where a guy & his little sister get into a relationship. Near the end, the guy's friend finds out & gets jealous, so she kidnaps him & rapes him. Sister finds them, & guy tells his friend not to make his sister cry. Then friend cries & tells him what it's like to feel a love she can't have, or something. Sister feels sorry for friend, & have 3-way (I think). Further to end, friend hints that guy's sister is back, & guy & sister reunite (forgot why she's gone in the 1st place). [I'm sure it's 1 big story w/ many chapters.] 6. Manga where this guy fantasized about doing it w/ these 2(?) lolis while they're in their swimsuits. Only saw 1 page a super long time ago. Chapter may have been called "Perverseness." 7. A game (not sure it even has a name) where there's a disclaimer saying all characters are at least 18, but 1 girl says, in-game, that she's 14 (oops). I read about this oversight on Famitsu (I think), but page no longer exists. 8. Whatever this is. Not even sure if it's h. 【リョナ】anime ryona 19 - YouTube.mp4
  11. Ib Guertena

    Mega - Hentai Game List

    Was a hint to the encryption key given somewhere else?
  12. Ib Guertena


    http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE194421.html http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE207058.html
  13. Ib Guertena

    Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena (ENG)

    The English is already applied, right? Now to wait for an updated link.
  14. Ib Guertena

    Closing our little ning site

    Let's hope this 1 stays.
  15. Ib Guertena

    Name of this hentai?

    I think I found it on my own. https://vndb.org/v20585