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  1. Little Witch Dream

    Is the password for Extra Content in-game?
  2. Repureria Paradise The ruins of Rimuririmu

    From the creators of The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria, the game where I wander aimlessly until I realize specific things need to be done 'cause I can't read any Japanese. Still fun, though.
  3. I just hope the story & characters are good & well designed. Is this based on Little Witch Academia? In which case, I'd like them to be properly portrayed to a certain extent. Are the H-scenes moving pictures, animation, or still images?
  4. Guild Maid Mika (RJ168784)

    Will they be able to add button next to "Browse" so we can go to it instantly soon?
  5. Ankoku Marimokan Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka RPG Ver.1.03

    Found, but don't know how to apply it.
  6. Guild Maid Mika (RJ168784)

    These, please! BTW, is there gonna be a button we can click to go to requests instantly, do I have to find it, or do I have to start a request board for people to use because there isn't 1?
  7. PSYKA (RJ149844)

    Oh well. You win some, you lose some. I searched xvideos; PSYKA turned up 0 results. At least wanted to see the animations 'til I have enough for more laptops; Or to learn programming & Japanese. Still, you got RapeLay anyway, so you guys are real troopers.
  8. PSYKA (RJ149844)

    Can't see some graphics, like my character or the enemies. I guess Windows 10 really is different from Windows 8. I guess I'll wait 'til xvideos has a video of all animations, or find someone who will teach computer programming for free.
  9. Darkness Falls XXX (Custom version) (CreepzGames)

    No wonder I couldn't find it normally. I don't know how to spell those words in Japanese.
  10. Darkness Falls XXX (Custom version) (CreepzGames) Turns out "Saint" & "Ryona" weren't in the name at all. Who told you that was the name, anyway? Anyway, are any of these here? Found out Desunoya only makes family friendly games, but these are still found on DLsite for some reason.
  11. Bullshit Questions

  12. Flower Fairy (RJ180492) (Jap Version)

    Date of Birth‎: ‎31 March 1943 Try 70.
  13. Flower Fairy (RJ180492) (Jap Version)

    Someone is offering FF.txt on Think this may help?
  14. Flower Fairy (RJ180492) (Jap Version)

    Any closer to finding it?