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  1. Online payments, besides Steam & Google Play…

    Can I put a minimum of 5-10 on it, 'cause I'm trying to get Panzerwerfer in Armor Blitz, but I can only get the box deals once per day, & I'll probably only have about 5-10 to spend.
  2. Old stuff…

    Your welcome?
  3. Online payments, besides Steam & Google Play…

    Can I get those at Wal-Mart or GameStop?
  4. Old stuff…

    Also, this: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=9262 It's what the anime is based on. If it's not online, here is AMAZON: https://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4047136654/hatena-hamazou-22/
  5. When signing up for payments for ebay, AMAZON, Kickstarter, &/or Nutaku (etc.), are there any option for people who don't know their bank info, or don't have 1? If not, there is no point in getting it to pay w/ cards, since I can pay using debit, anyway, since, if I get an account like that, my bank would already be connected, rendering the process of getting the specific account pointless.
  6. request

    I still can't understand the guide, which is why I needed videos as a visual aide. I guess changing the region setting to Japan is not the only thing I needed (at least I can play foreign RPG Maker games).
  7. request

    Looks like I'm gonna have a bad time. I probably need a video guide for everything. I'm not sure what mount means, either.
  8. Nutaku's "PLAY ONE OR MORE MOBILE GAMES" Mission not working.

    Also, does Armor Blitz ever give second chances on Tanks? Like, if I can't get Panzerwerfer, can I still get her through the random Gacha thing w/ Cores?
  9. request

    Extracted everything, but couldn't get it to play. Apparently, it's having trouble finding a file, or something.
  10. Lots of stuff!

    Basically? What VNs DON'T they have, then? Also, all things that come in parts must have all parts in the same folder simultaneously, & double-click on ONLY part 1, right? So why do many people also have you wait between download?
  11. request

    I already downloaded a MEGA app. Works fine, but it's hard to get used to my computer not automatically popping up the details of my downloads in my face.
  12. request

    Wish my Chrome could get it, though…
  13. what got you into hentai?

    At about 8, I learned about lolicon.
  14. Old stuff…

    Now I just need someone to find the manga, White Cybele (by Hideo Azuma).
  15. Old stuff…

    Unsubbed? Better than nothing. Thanks!