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  1. fivi

    Star Platinum

    Ha! I just realized that you even included the Game CGs in your download - excellent! I should've paid a little more attention to the actual folder contents, but I was just excited to finally have the game...
  2. fivi

    Honey Select ハニーセレクト

    Creating characters is obviously half the fun, but if you find yourself looking for something in particular you can hit up the "Illusion Cards" website: http://illusioncards.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=honey_select Hopefully it's alright to link somewhere like that, but let me know if not (Or just delete, I suppose!). Some characters will require things like the Wide Slider mod and special add-on packs... if you don't have those, be prepared for a little nightmare fuel. You might feel like you've stepped out of Honey Select and straight into your own Silent Hill.
  3. fivi

    The name of this OVA/Anime

    This is apparently from something called "Dark Future," or "Kurai Mirai" in Japanese. I'm still new here, so not totally sure on what the guidelines are for linking to things, but I was able to turn up at least one subbed version of episode 1 by doing a Google search for "Kurai Mirai OVA"
  4. For all my Indonesian Membership XXX Site needs, I tend to visit https://stopforumspam.com/country/id Of course, I apologize if you're actually a real person looking for a very specific fetish here... but let's be honest: You aren't.
  5. fivi

    Star Platinum

    Just to close the loop if anyone finds this particular thread in the future, here's the link, courtesy of @DeathMarine: https://www.rabidfiles.com/910/Star_Platinum.rar If you are in need of a complete save game, I've attached that, as well! STARPLAT.SAV
  6. fivi

    Come say hi!!

    Awesome, thanks! I don't know why I was having such a hard time finding that game... When I think of shiny women, I tend to think of Masamune Shirow - those gals could be used to signal low-flying aircraft in an emergency situation! I don't remember them being quite so reflective back in the Dominion: Tank Police days, but it's still fun to look at. I haven't played any of the Sogna games, but I have always meant to - I have tons of GIFs saved off from them. Any particular entry you would recommend? V6 and BTR are the two I usually think of, but I honestly don't even know what the gameplay is like. Since I mentioned glitchy animations in my last post, I'll go ahead and post one of the weird-ass results so I don't feel like a total waste of space. It's not nightmare-inducing, but you probably have to be in an "altered state" to think it's good.
  7. fivi

    Come say hi!!

    Found this site while searching around for a copy of Star Platinum for Windows 95 (Still looking for it, but I already posted about that). Saw @DeathMarine's name and realized that I'd downloaded other stuff he'd posted probably... geez, 10 years ago? I don't know, it was a long time ago. The culmination of this boring story: I figured I'd join the community and say hello. I like @hkdigweed's approach to this introduction thing - I think I first delved into hentai after watching Plastic Little around 20 years ago! I found a video store that rented out anime VHS tapes (El Hazard! Tenchi Muyo! Ranma 1/2!), and I rented Plastic Little without really knowing anything about it. I didn't know at the time how much erotic art Satoshi Urushihara produced, but I own some of his books now, and I still dig his art style. Beyond that, I'm interested in messing around with extracting images from ecchi and hentai games where I can. Can't claim to be very good at it yet, but I did pull out the card art and animation frames from the Eternal Destiny card game (Like the image attached). Haven't figured out a good way to compile the actual animations without hand-tweaking things, though. I made some assumptions about PNG characteristics that would correspond to a background versus a foreground in an image, and unfortunately those don't hold true 100% of the time. There must be a keyframe or BG index somewhere in the binaries, but I kind of lost motivation before completing that project. tl;dr: Hi! How is everybody doing?
  8. fivi

    Star Platinum

    I'm about six years late to the party, but any chance of getting a torrent reseed of Star Platinum somewhere? I saw the artwork for this game a long time ago and only just recently figured out what the game was. After that, I managed to find the PC-98 version of this game, but I've been striking out on the Win95 edition... Thanks! Oh, and I'm sure yamabushi already got his answer, but the artist is Nadeara Bukichi... as though mentioning that six years later will be helpful in some way...

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