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  1. imperium787

    Ryou Hime II

    In case you haven't found this yet, here you go
  2. Here you go. Have fun:
  3. imperium787

    [Request] 露出の快感

    You are awesome, thanks very much for this. Finally, hate to add on to this request, but would you happen to also have these two other games by this same developer? Can't seem to find them anywhere. 魔獣ハンターレイア グリムの魔女
  4. imperium787

    [Request] 露出の快感

    Thanks so much!
  5. imperium787

    [Request] 露出の快感

    Thanks a lot for checking. I've pretty much come to the same conclusion. The only place I could find this was on 2djgame's website, but the game was locked with a password and I don't have any Chinese friends that I can ask to get it for me, unfortunately...
  6. imperium787

    [Request] 露出の快感

    Hey guys, wondering if any of you have this game: Title: 露出の快感 Developer: waterstudio Link: I found this uploaded several years ago on other sites, by predictably all links are dead now. Thanks! (Also, first post on the forum, so nice to meet all of you!)