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  1. LadyPyramidHead

    Sexy Beach Zero SexyビーチZERO

    Thanks DM for the upload I can't wait to play.
  2. Hello great sirs and madams of sexy space and time. I have a goal to play every Hentai game released in English and I have so far been unable to find even for purchase: Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber If anyone could please help, it would be most appreciated.
  3. LadyPyramidHead

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Thank you DM! *kiss* Though, I still wish I could play an h-game as a girl. With humongous giant tittehs.
  4. LadyPyramidHead

    Gakuen Z 学園Z ~淫女教師の陰謀~

    ...that woman scares the shit out of me... Oh, and Thanks for the upload!
  5. LadyPyramidHead

    Sexy Beach 2 Sexyビーチ2

    HELL YES, Thanks for another great upload DeathMarine!!
  6. LadyPyramidHead

    Favorite Hentai Fetish?

    I like most of those... except incest and bestiality... I voted for Lolicon... because you didn't include S&M and putting "bondage" doesn't, in my opinion cover that. More hentai fetishes/ paraphilia to consider: S&M <3 shota Nurses/doctors Nazis Older women/ Graophilia Glasses/ nerds waterplay/ watersports fisting obesity eels (could go under tentacle) giants/faeries couples/ orgy food Exhibitionism/ voyeur (somewhat includes masturbation) adoption (sort of incest..) (...fine...!) masturbation Extra Terrestrials machine demons or angels guro nuns lactation ...etc...etc...
  7. The uncensor patch should be included in a .rar file with the rest of the torrent files. So I don't have to bother re-posting later... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=44G57QM5 There it is.

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