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  1. CRC-errors usually mean, the file is corrupted. You could try to re-download or try to repair the download by starting the torrent again so eventually damaged files could be replaced.
  2. Darklord

    Custom Raid V+

    Hi, I started the DL yesterday in the evening (MEZ). In the beginning there were 2 seeders and I let it on for several hours. After I raised up in the morning, there were 5 seeders and 12 % was downloaded. So nothing has changed since the start. In comparison, I downloaded Wakeari (3D hentai) and it had a superb DL-rate rd. 500-700 kb/s and finished within 3 or 4 hours. I'll try the DL again in a few hours. TIA
  3. Darklord

    Custom Raid V+

    I'm trying to download this game but the download rate is very low, sometimes beneath 10 kb/s, maximum 20 kb/s so far. Please seed.
  4. Darklord

    High Heels in games

    Don't like high heels in (H-)games . In sci-fi animes high heels look quite good to me.
  5. Darklord

    check out this comic!

    Not so scary but yeah, that animation came unexpected. It reminded me of scary maze games.
  6. Darklord

    Wakeari ワケあり!

    Thanks for that, DM. You are the greatest . I had some problems with the english /uncensor patch but I decided to play the game in japanese and installed only the uncensor part of the patch. Now it's working perfect. It's a typical illusion game and it's fun.
  7. Darklord

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    ISO and MDS are image files. You have to mount both with Daemon tools.
  8. Darklord

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Ehm, mount the 1st image and try again ???
  9. Darklord

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    I think the error msg says that you have to insert the 2nd disc. Means, mount the 2nd image !
  10. Darklord

    Rape Games

    E.g.: Rapelay, Biko 3, Interact Play VR, HanaNoHime.
  11. Darklord

    Custom Maid 3D カスタムメイド3D

    Actually, you need about 7 GB to download and install, because the downloaded, packed files have 2,16 GB. Once unpacked you have additional 2,22 GB and the installed files cost you 2,02 GB.
  12. Darklord


    I see ("the /h command is used to try to hook text correctly when otherwise it does not hook correctly in AGTH"). Thanks for the explanation. What a pity.
  13. Darklord


    I really hope there is a more comfortable way then this method. I found a site where the use of agth is described. At the bottom of that page is a list of games that can be run with agth but require the use of a special h-parameter and a certain code. Can someone figure out, how this works ? I'm lost at this.

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