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  1. ero-jiji

    Cross Days クロスデイズ

    give me a few hours and ill put up a seed when i get home from work for ya
  2. ero-jiji

    Question to DM

    current storage is 137tb ( see the "cristening of eroserve/erohost/erostore thread here in get otalking)
  3. ero-jiji


    i second this one, ive been looking for a copy myself for a while, but had no luck on share etc ><
  4. ero-jiji

    problem with translation aggregator

    let me guess, your getting the "e.a.g.l.s. has stopped responding" error? if so, its not ITH/TA thats causing it, games based on that engine are notoriously unstable, and theres not much you can do to improve it
  5. ero-jiji

    Question to DM

    actually it isnt, i have just about every game ( minus a few that were corrupted and need to be re downloaded) all will easily fit on a single 4tb drive (aprrox 3.6TB total for games not counting video's)
  6. ero-jiji

    Molester Train 01

    just a heads up for the nodvd : Not Found The requested URL /393 was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at www.rabidfiles.com Port 80
  7. ero-jiji

    Any Tenga Users?

    i far preffer Meiki toys to the tenga's, they are pretty much the most realistic feel you can get without an actual woman =3
  8. ero-jiji

    Iron Maiden

    walkthrough http://gamerssquare.kanpaku.jp/ironmaiden.htm#r1
  9. im pretty sure thats from mai favorite (its definately from kisaragi) ill dig through my archives, confirm, and if so, upload it for ya
  10. ero-jiji

    Love Fetish 5 Blowjob

    i force seeded it till there was more seeds than peers, enjoy
  11. ero-jiji

    Need help with my search

    ahh, i rarely go to the hvid section. more than likely i got it from here though lol
  12. ero-jiji

    Need help with my search

    i have this, ill get an upload for you asap edit : http://fiberupload.com/9kaei9qzp1be/3D_I_D__Ex.rar password is erojiji DM/Dizzy if you want to re release go ahead, just delete the link from this post afterwards =3
  13. ero-jiji

    An awkward instance...

    just gargle a bit and swallow (your tears)
  14. ero-jiji

    Console Poll!?

    i generally wont buy a console till there is a significant number of games avail in my preffered genre (rpg/rts/sim) at-launch games tend to barely use 1/10th of the new consoles full power anyway, since developers having had the time and experiance it takes to do that (hell, even now, 90% of games barely use 50% of the ps3's capability for example)

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