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  1. Mesu Nochi Torare EPISODE 01 [RAW] [HIGH DEFINITION] [ENGLISH SUBTITLES FILE] (メスのちトラレ 上巻 ハメられた生徒会長)
  2. Kansen 5 EPISODE 01 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] (姦染5~The Daybreak~ 上巻 レイプハーレム)
  3. Cream Lemon 13 EPISODES 25-26 [RAW] (“Moriyama Tou Special 2 – Afterschool XXX” and “Graduation Album – Cream Lemon Best Scenes Collection” (くりいむレモン PART 13 / Brothers Grime X-Rated Cartoons) (「森山搭スペシャルII 放課後×××」 「卒業アルバム くりいむレモン名場面集」) Direct Download [hshare.net].Cream.Lemon.13.EP25.Moriyama.Tou.Special.2.[RAW].avi (147.40 MB) [hshare.net].Cream.Lemon.13.EP26.Graduation.Album.[RAW].avi (230.86 MB)
  4. Belladonna Of Sadness [ENG SUBS] 哀しみのベラドンナ / Kanashimi no Belladonna PLOT: The third and last of the Mushi Pro Animerama films, The Belladonna of Sadness is an adaptation of French historian Jules Michelet's novel: La Sorcière. The obvious and salient feature of this film is the unique way in which it was animated using a blend of still illustrations and full animation. Intended for 'art house' venues rather than a more general audience like the first two Animerama films, Belladonna comes across as by far the more sophisticated and successful production, its strikingly original visuals largely responsible for the film's visceral impact. English Subs Download [hshare.net].Belladonna.Of.Sadness.[ENG.SUBS].rar from Rabid Files Direct Download [hshare.net].Belladonna.Of.Sadness.[ENG.SUBS].avi (682.25 MB)
  5. Cleopatra Queen Of Sex [ENG SUBS] (クレオパトラ / Kureopatora) PLOT: This is the second major animated piece following the big hit A Thousand and One Night Stories in Japan. The distributor treated the film as an erotic animated work for adults, advertising it as a piece "far more erotic than A Thousand and One Night Stories". The film produced a number of popular sayings and gags that have since become outdated. However, the film remains an impressive and beautiful piece. ENGLISH SUBTITLES Download [hshare.net] Cleopatra Queen Of Sex [English Subs File].rar from Rabid Files Direct Download Download [hshare.net] Cleopatra Queen Of Sex [RAW].mkv from Rabid Files
  6. A Thousand And One Nights [ENG SUBS] (千夜一夜物語 / Sen`ya Ichiya Monogatari / A 1001 Nights / One Thousand and One Arabian Nights) PLOT: An ambitious, sophisticated and lavish but now forgotten seminal experiment in adult anime movie making by Osamu Tezuka, this was "The world's first animated feature film for adults". The key animator list in this film reads like a roll-call of giants in the industry: The golden pair of Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino need no introduction; Gisaburo Sugii directed A Night on the Galactic Railroad, Nihon Mukashibanashi, Tezuka's Dororo, Touch and many other famous works; Kazuo Fukazawa wrote the Takahata-Miyazaki TV series Marco; Toshio Hirata directed the Unico Pilot and was animation director of many other works; Murano Yoshimi directed the second Unico movie; Mikiharu Akabori, Maya Matsuyama and Masami Hata went on work at Sanrio, Akabori and Matsuyama as animation directors and Hata as director, in such films as The Sea Prince and the Fire Child, A Journey Through Fairyland and Ringing Bell; Teruto Kamiguchi and Kitano Hideaki were the animation directors of Dororo; etc. This film was followed, at a quick clip, a year later, by the next large Mushi Production 'Animerama' film: Cleopatra. Production took approximately 1 year and 5 months, and the final cel count was 70,000 cels. Direct Download [hshare.net].A.Thousand.and.One.Nights.[RAW].avi (1.44 GB) ENGLISH SUBTITLES [hshare.net].A.Thousand.and.One.Nights.[ENG.SUBS.FILE].rar (22.81 KB)
  7. Menage a Twins EPISODES 01-02 (双子ノ母性本能 / Futago no Haha Seihonnou / Futagonohaha Seihonnou / Menage de gemelas) [JAPANESE AUDIO / UNCENSORED / COMPLETE] [ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE BELOW] TAGS: Over 18 (18禁) / Adult Anime (アダルトアニメ) / Anal (アナル) / BDMS / Blowjob (フェラ) / Bondage (ボンテージ) / Big Breasts (巨乳) / Cum Inside (中出し) / Double Penetration (穿通ダ ブル) / Ejaculation (射精) / Enema (浣腸) / Exposure (露出) / Fingering (指マン) / Hentai (ヘンタイ) / Housewives (主婦) / Incest (近親相姦) / Insert Foreign Objects (異物挿入) / Mother (お母さん) / Normal (ノーマル) / Outdoors (野外) / Rape (レイプ) / Sex (セックス) / Sex Toys (大人のおもちゃ) / Stomach Inflation (胃の膨らませる) / Tied (縛り) / Vibrator (バイブ) / Virgin (処女) PLOT: Minoru receives an mysterious e-mail that he thinks is meant for someone else. The e-mail was sent by a woman named Akane and she wants to meet him. Somehow, he feels he knows her, but how could he. He meets up with her and they really hit it off. Then later when he and his "mother" Tomoe happen to cross paths with Akane he begins to realize there is more to her than he knows and he notices how her presence upsets his mother, but why? He decides to meet with Akane again and force her to tell him everything he wants to know. What Minoru is about to find out will change his life forever and set him off on a bout of sexual revenge. [source: DizzyAngelDemon] INCLUDES; - [hshare.net].Menage.a.Twins.EP01.[RAW].[uNCEN].mkv - [hshare.net].Menage.a.Twins.EP02.[RAW].[uNCEN].mkv - COVERS and SCREENSHOTS 双子ノ母性本能 第一章 欲望の二重奏 双子ノ母性本能 第二章 悦楽の協奏曲
  8. Wife Bondage EP01-02 [RAW] 妻しぼり / Tsuma Shibori Direct Download [hshare.net].Wife.Bondage.EP01.[RAW].avi (345.92 MB) [hshare.net].Wife.Bondage.EP02.[RAW].avi (275.98 MB) hshare.net.Wife.Bondage.EP01-02.RAW.torrent Magnet Link
  9. Milk Junkies EPISODES 01-04 (Milk・ジャンキー / Boobalicious) [ENGLISH SUBTITLES / JAPANESE AUDIO / EP01-02 CENSORED & EP03-04 UNCENSORED / COMPLETE] TAGS: Over 18 (18禁) / Adult Anime (アダルトアニメ) / Blonde (金髪) / Blowjob (フェラ) / Boobjob (パイズリ) / Big Breasts (巨乳) / Childhood Friends (子供のころ友人) / Cosplay (コスプレ) / Cum Inside (中出し) / Cum on Face (ぶっかけ) / “Dirty” Girls (痴女) / Eat Pussy (クンニ) / Ejaculation (射精) / Female Teacher (女教師) / Handjob (手コキ) / Hentai (ヘンタイ) / Lesbian (レズ) [Yuri] / Masturbation (オナニー) / Normal (ノーマル) / Outdoors (野外) / Orgy (乱交) / School (学園) / Sex (セックス) / Sisters (シスター) / Stewardess (スチュワーデス) / Student (生) / Suckling (哺乳) / Squirting (潮吹き) / Swimsuit (水着) / Tutor (家庭教師) / Uncensored (無修正) / Virgin (処女) / Voyeur (盗撮) PLOT: Wataru moves into an apartment next to Tomoka and Fumie Fusono, two voluptuous sisters who used to know him when he was a shy child. Since Wataru's fater is away on business in America he askes Fumie, Wataru's teacher and Tomoka his tutor to look after Wataru. But hes all grown up now and doesn't need babysitters, luckily the Fusono sisters are more than ready to give Wataru what he really needs. [source: DizzyAngelDemon] Direct Download Link(s) (DDL) [hshare.net].Milk.Junkies.EP01.[ENG.SUBS].avi (209.99 MB) [hshare.net].Milk.Junkies.EP02.[ENG.SUBS].avi (190.36 MB) [hshare.net].Milk.Junkies.EP03.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].mkv (224.25 MB) [hshare.net].Milk.Junkies.EP04.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].mkv (258.17 MB) **Milk Junkies episodes 01-02 were never released uncensored, while Milk Junkies episodes 03-04 were released uncensored under the name "Boobalicious Episodes 01-02". MILKジャンキー 姉妹編 ボリューム1 MILKジャンキー 姉妹編 ボリューム2 MILKジャンキー 姉妹編 ボリューム3 MILKジャンキー 姉妹編 ボリューム4
  10. Name of this hentai?

    Here is a place for anyone to post pictures of an h-character they need identified by the community. Just make sure when posting a picture to follow the rules, No hotlinks, No links to pay sites and No links advertising competitors sites. You can ask to have a character or particular h-game or h-anime identified or maybe you just want to know what something is in an image or what the heck they are doing... whatever you can think of so long as you follow the rules. Thanks and I look forward to your posts.
  11. Magical Girl Teto [ver.1.2]
  12. Cleavage EPISODES 01-02 (クレイヴィジ, Cleavage, Décolleté Lubrique) [RAW - Japanese Audio / UNCENSORED / HIGH DEFINITION / COMPLETE] [ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] RESOLUTION 1280 x 960 ENGLISH SUBTITILES Cleavage.EP01-02.HD.ENG.SUB.FILES.rar hshare.net.Cleavage.EP01-02.RAW.UNCEN.HD.torrent
  13. H OF THE DEAD 3 [RAW] [PLUS 1 & 2 CG SETS] Direct Download [hshare.net].H.OF. THE. DEAD.3.[RAW].rar (668.23 MB) H of The DEAD 1-2 [CG SETS] [hshare.net].H.OF. THE. DEAD.[CG.SET].rar (8.53 MB) [hshare.net].H.OF. THE. DEAD.2.[CG.SET].rar (57.42 MB) hshare.net.H.OF.THE.DEAD.3.RAW.+1&2.CG.SETS.torrent [mgl='magnet:?xt=urn:btih:996E0E28815B174600C5263303A67214A472D42D&dn=%5bhshare.net%5d.H.OF.THE.DEAD.3.%5bRAW%5d.%5b%2b1%262.CG.SETS%5d'][/mgl] NOTE: Click the mouse to take actions or use the wheel to change speed. (this is a 2 part executable file (.exe). Double click on the .exe file of your choice to play. Remember to have adobe flash installed and up to date.)
  14. Vixens EPISODES 01-03 (hentai anime) (18禁アニメ) ヴィジョナリィ Visionary (EPISODES 01 includes 2 shows / EPISODE02 includes 2 shows / EPISODE 03 is one show) Direct Download [hshare.net].Vixens.EP01.[ENG.SUBS].avi (269.68 MB) [hshare.net].Vixens.EP02.[ENG.SUBS].avi (336.31 MB) [hshare.net].Vixens.EP03.[ENG.SUBS].avi (228.39 MB) hshare.net.Vixens.EP01-03.ENG.SUBS.torrent [mgl='magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C116BE56485C0611833AB9EB1D86EA4FC06A9C0E&dn=%5bhshare.net%5d.Vixens.EP01-03.%5bENG.SUBS%5d'][/mgl]
  15. Illusion Field ILLUSION FIELD −幻影現実− Info Links Info Link Direct Download Download [hshare.net] Illusion Field.rar from Rabid Files
  16. Kiss x Sis 2010 EPISODES 01-12 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] [HIGH DEFINITION] [ECCHI] [+Bonus] (Blu-ray rip) (キス×シス(2010) / kiss×sis (2010))
  17. Countdown to Delight [ENG SUBS] [uNCEN] 爆発寸前!! 天使のカウントダウン / Bakuhatsu Sunzen!! Tenshi no Countdown
  18. Premium Play Darkness プレミアムプレイ〜ダークネス〜 Info Link Direct Download Download [hshare.net] Premium Play Darkness.part1.rar from Rabid Files Download [hshare.net] Premium Play Darkness.part2.rar from Rabid Files Download [hshare.net] Premium Play Darkness.part3.rar from Rabid Files Download [hshare.net] Premium Studio Pro Extra.rar from Rabid Files Download [hshare.net] Premium Studio Pro Naked Costume Set.rar from Rabid Files Download [hshare.net] Premium Studio Pro Plus.rar from Rabid Files Download [hshare.net] Premium Hair Addon.rar from Rabid Files Download Premium Play Darkness HF Patch 1.9.rar from Rabid Files
  19. Princess 69 EPISODES 01-04 (新体操(仮) / Shintaisou Kari / Gimnasia artística x) Princess 69 is based on the game "Rhythmic Gymnastics" (新体操(仮) / Shintaisou-Kari) and is the prequel to "Princess 69 Midnight Gymnastics" (新体操(真)). PLOT: Intrigued by the hot erotic potential of the Gymnastics of Darkness, the board chairman's daughter Tomomi blackmails her gym teacher Nikusuke into becoming her obedient servant. One by one she lures female classmates of her choosing to the gymnasium for Nikusuke to initiate into the elite Dark Gymnastics team. Here under the darkness of night they are drugged, tied and then forced to under go the most humiliating and excruciating forms of pleasure until their minds and body submit to Nikusuke's unconventional training methods. [source: DizyAngelDemon] ENGLISH SUBTITLES [hshare.net].Princess.69.EP01-04.[ENG.SUB.FILES].rar (23.96 KB) 新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson1 「淫世界のストレッチング」 新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson2 「レオタードの花園」 新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson3 「ヴァージン輪舞曲」 新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson4 「狂艶乱舞のラストステージ」 Direct Download [hshare.net].Princess.69.EP01.[uNCEN].avi (210.95 MB) [hshare.net].Princess.69.EP02.[uNCEN].avi (277.67 MB) [hshare.net].Princess.69.EP03.[uNCEN].avi (321.57 MB) [hshare.net].Princess.69.EP04.[uNCEN].avi (391.10 MB) hshare.net.Princess.69.EP01-04.RAW.UNCEN.torrent [mgl='magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DED1725D5E3624498D027E009CF5BC75FC9FA6EE&dn=%5bhshare.net%5d.Princess.69.EP01-04.%5bRAW%5d.%5bUNCEN%5d'][/mgl]
  20. Evil Woman Executive Full Moon Night (NoDVD VERSION) [H-GAME] (18禁ゲーム) 悪の女幹部 フルムーンナイト Aku no Onna Kanbu furumun naito Direct Download [OnlyHentaiGames.com].Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.7z.001 (740 MB) [OnlyHentaiGames.com].Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.7z.002 (740 MB) [OnlyHentaiGames.com].Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.7z.003 (740 MB) [OnlyHentaiGames.com].Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.7z.004 (641.70 MB) Game Save [OnlyHentaiGames.com].Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.[GAME.SAVE].rar (16.97 KB) DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版) [OnlyHentaiGames.com].Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.[DEMO].mp4 (19.09 MB) WALKTHROUGH Evil Woman Executive Full Moon Night WALKTHROUGH OnlyHentaiGames.com.Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night.torrent [mgl='magnet:?xt=urn:btih:415B53F07434024226919C9DC20FE7ABDF4267E0&dn=%5bOnlyHentaiGames.com%5d.Evil.Woman.Executive.Full.Moon.Night'][/mgl] **IF THE IN GAME TEXT DOESN’T SHOW UP** You need to change your Keyboard Language Settings to Japanese. (for Windows 7 – Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboard and Languages)
  21. Lil Sis Steamy Diary [RAW] [GAME ANIMATION] [+BONUS] (湯けむり!妹×紀行 / Steam! Imouto x Diary) Direct Download [hshare.net].Lil.Sis.Steamy.Diary.[RAW].[GAME.ANIMATION].avi (343.34 MB) CGSET [hshare.net].Lil.Sis.Steamy.Diary.[CG.SET].rar (6.28 MB) WALLPAPERS [hshare.net].Lil.Sis.Steamy.Diary.[WALLPAPERS].rar (2.92 MB) CHARACTER PICS [hshare.net].Lil.Sis.Steamy.Diary.[CHARACTER.PICS].rar (715.93 KB) hshare.net.Lil.Sis.Steamy.Diary.RAW.GAME.ANIMATION.+BONUS.torrent [mgl='magnet:?xt=urn:btih:74C6AB9A3D6AA6BE1479D9009A8DE8A8F6CDEDCE&dn=%5bhshare.net%5d.Lil.Sis.Steamy.Diary.%5bRAW%5d.%5bGAME.ANIMATION%5d.%5b%2bBONUS%5d'][/mgl] Affiliate Link http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/dlaf/=/link/work/aid/DeathMarine/id/RE087548.html
  22. Machi Gurumi no Wana Nanako