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  1. MinDeadBlood


    This is bugging me now i get a Sntax error about a font from teh game after i installed it and tried to play it. nonow it seems like i'm getting a string of bad games that don't wan't to eork for me. and i like these games too :ahh:
  2. MinDeadBlood


    okay small problem here i downloaded teh games fine but when i go to install it i get an error message about a ,ain file of some sort error
  3. MinDeadBlood


    Nice game but hard to complete since i can't see the text at all can only get three of teh endings so far can't get teh others . my computer doesn't ahve any language support at all, :want:
  4. MinDeadBlood


    Okay problem here i ahve installed the game but when i try to play it it opens up fine but it freezes at teh title screen and i can't do anything
  5. MinDeadBlood

    Tech48 テック フォーティエイト

    Will give it a try to see what it's like. :drool:
  6. MinDeadBlood


    now it works even after i did everything that was mentioned. man my comuter is becoming a royal pain okay new problem i'm not sure if it's me but most likely but to make sure i tried to over write the startup.exe file dragging and dropping it over it but it won't let me i even tried to copy paste it and it wouldn't let me do that either and i even put the exe file into the named folder. scratch that one out i think my anti-virus monitor is thinking the exe i needed was infected andn deleted it? :lol:
  7. MinDeadBlood


    okay i tried to install the game and it asked for a CD key and the game didn't have one in it. but just out of curiosity does the RAR have a key gen? and note i even used the .exe that came with in the Rar file and it still won't let me install without the cd key. :angry2:
  8. well the only thing is, that is happens almost right after the title after talking toi the girl while in the little shop and the bath house the three girls are talking and then it repeats the same scene of the three girls talking out side the shop/bath house.
  9. oaky this is getting irritating i've played this game for about a couple of hours now but i can't get passed one part it keeps repeating the same scene over and over again and i can't figure anything out here
  10. MinDeadBlood


    nice graphics but strange opening music but still intersting.
  11. MinDeadBlood


    anyone suffering from the game crashing when a new game is started or when you go to the name screen
  12. MinDeadBlood


    it reall easy if you hover the mouse on the top of the screen the top should have a bar pop up and heve a couple of S's there use the second one to save it'll ask if you want to save here or not it's that simple
  13. MinDeadBlood


    wow great game already played it a few times nice graphics.
  14. MinDeadBlood

    Momoiro Paradise

    it's been to long since i replied or did any type of posts here.