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  1. GoingToHell

    rabidfiles.com down

    Looks like rabidfiles is down down for a couple of days now. You can find some updates on their Twitter page (google it). btw: DM, did you just remove the last thread about this? Can't find it anymore...
  2. GoingToHell

    Sailor Senshi Fall

    10bit edition has been removed...!
  3. GoingToHell

    rabidfiles.com forces to register

    Nevermind, rabidfiles.com kept asking a few hours, but now it doesn't anymore... All good!
  4. GoingToHell

    rabidfiles.com forces to register

    Hi DM, as of today, rabidfiles.com asks me to register for each download link I'm clicking on. Is it only me or did rabidfiles change it's terms/policy in general? Do you know anything about it? On their homepage I couldn't find any info about changes... As always thanks a lot for your work!
  5. GoingToHell

    PeroPero Teacher

    Thank you for looking into it. The links are back again and working!
  6. GoingToHell

    PeroPero Teacher

    Hey DM, I'm missing the links for this one... is it still available? Thanks!
  7. GoingToHell

    Delta Artemina

    Wow, already finished! By the way: absolutely no excuses necessary! Again, thanks a lot!
  8. GoingToHell

    Delta Artemina

    Hi DM, I'd like to try this release, but I think something's wrong with this one. Nobody is seeding at all ever since. Could you please take a look? Anyhow, thanks for all your hard work!
  9. GoingToHell


    In fact, this one's not subbed but dubbed in english with no japanese audio track.
  10. GoingToHell

    SchoolMate Sweets すくぅ るメイト Sweets!

    The popup says you have to insert the disk. So just mounting the image before starting the game should help you out here.
  11. GoingToHell


    Hi DM, I was just wondering why you made this torrent sticky again. Any changes since when I downed it sometime last year? Or dit it just disappear like AGA? Well, forget the second question. The old posts wouldn't be here then!
  12. GoingToHell

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    As far as I can see from your pic: no you didn't get the jap language crap!
  13. GoingToHell

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    WHOOOOAH DM, you're absolutely 'da man! Thanks a lot!
  14. GoingToHell


    haha, this is a good one man... If you wanna be a smart ass, you'd better know what you're talking about...
  15. GoingToHell


    Hi DM, I wouldn't delete it. It's still worth to be played. See it as an appetizer. And if you occasionally find the full game you can add or exchange the link or start a new topic for it. At least that's what I would do, err, I think. <_< Anyway, as always, thanks for the share and all your great efforts.