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  1. .Gun.Katana.Special.Collection

    Gotta love Black Cyc. Have known about it since its release but haven't had the time to play yet. Thanks!
  2. Cosplay Cafe 2 EP01-02[RAW]

    I really appreciate the increase in video releases! A game is a bit more trouble and you don't have time with as many, I pretty much never play eroge these days. But you always have time for a h-anime or two. Thanks!
  3. .Maburavu.ALTERED.FABLE

    Damn nice, this is the kind of bishoujo game I like. I've been quite skeptical to the recent releases which has been pretty much hentai without any story or anything else whatsoever. We need more loli on the site though! ;) And as always, thanks DM!
  4. Hatsu Inu The Animation EP01-02 [RAW]

    Yeah I really like this one, already had it but it is great that you are spreading the good stuff DM. ^_^
  5. Night Shift Nurses Yagami Yu [ENG SUBS]

    Some nice releases DM, thanks!
  6. .Narukana

    Red hair. <3
  7. Oh, you are keeping up the great job as usual DM! Thanks!
  8. Bible Black -La noche de walpurgis-

    I recomend this great game. It is also quite interesting and fun with all the different endings, since you actually can die if you choose the wrong path. You are quite wrong there, it is the more reputable fansubbers that will continue with the anime even if gets licensed. KAA (HQ DVD-rips <3), SHS, dattebayo etc etc etc, they all continue with a series that they started and want to finish even though it gets licensed. People will avoid the fansubbers that they know quit in the middle of a series.
  9. .ExE

    Great stuff DM, thanks!
  10. .Izumo2

    Already got this one too but very nice release! And if it is of any interest, the Izumo (1) in this release is the Dreamcast version ported to PC. Because they added more CG's and story to the game when they first ported it from PC to DC, and then they ported to PC as they usually do when they do something like that. So, if you get this release and the Izumo 0 that was released here yesterday you will have all three Izumo games in their best releases. And then there is an anime and a H-anime too.
  11. .Izumo.Zero

    Already got it, but it is very good that others get to play it too!
  12. .Safizumu.No.Gensou

    Really nice artwork! Doesn't really feel like my type of game though, but probably worth downloading just for the art.
  13. Come say hi!!

    Sounds like we have alot in common on your interests then. Though I've never played the real Warhammer, but I love the PC games. Like fantasy Warhammer more then 40K though. And I also prefer to stay at home since I am kinda antisocial. :> Though going out with my friends once in a while is fun too.
  14. Muv-Luv Alternative DVD version

    Hmm I am not sure since I haven't had to deal with this problem yet, I just installed Muvluv though I want to finish the current game I am playing first. Is the /HA4@100291B0 supposed to replace the /WXXXXXX? I know something you can try, not sure it will help but it is worth a try. First, create a shortcut to your agth.exe. Then you all the necessary stuff to it, so lets say that you are using rUGP Ver 5.70.18. Then it should look like this (except where your agth.exe is): D:\AGTH\agth.exe /C /HA4@100291B0 Then you start Muvluv Alternative. Now press CTRL-Shift-Esc (to open Task manager). Then you go to Show-Colums and check the box for PID (Process Identification). Then you should see the PID-number (usually 4 digits, sometimes 3 or 2) after each process. Look after the Muvluv process, probably rugp.exe. Check the PID number for it (and do not close Muvluv!). Lets say the number was 3232. Then you add /P3232 to the shortcut you made, so it looks like this: D:\AGTH\agth.exe /C /HA4@100291B0 /P3232 And when this is done and saved you execute the shortcut, while Muvluv is running. AGTH will then hook onto Muvluv with these settings. And remember to NOT close Muvluv after you checked the PID, cause the PID changes everytime so when you want to play Muvluv you must first launch the game and then check PID and edit the shortcut to match the PID and then execute the shortcut. It may sound troublesome but actually it is very easy and it has solved many problems for me, just takes 10sec extra to launch the game but who cares about that as long as it works. ^^ Hope this works for you! Ps. About the parts in Task Manager I am not sure what things are called for you, since I got a swedish XP. But it shouldn't be difficult to find. Ps2. I assume you have the lastest AGTH version? Version 2007.3.2 that is.