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  1. What's that applocale for anyway? I never used it when installing Japanese software and everything always worked perfectly fine without it.
  2. @Narik: I don't know WHAT that language in the picture is but it's definitely not Japanese. @Topic: I love this game so far, it's much better than all the other Illusion games imo. If you can't read Japanese though it's probably only half as much fun, since in my opinion the story adds much to the enjoyment. I'd very much like to release a translation of it but I got no idea how to extract the script. I didn't do any modding or else before, so I'd need someone to instruct me on the technical side. That said, if there's someone willing to help me out, please contact me.
  3. Wow, even with almost 5000 peers and <10 seeders, some of those asses actually disconnect when they're at 100%, how lame can you get?
  4. bif

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    It says something like: Error Message - Sexy Beach 3 isn't properly installed.
  5. bif

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    The message reads "Trouble occured. Please insert the correct disc." Don't burn the image to a DVD, just mount it with Daemon Tools and it should work just fine.