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  1. strider123


    Thanks so much DM... this site is the main reason why i Worship you =P
  2. strider123


    DM...can you post again the Torrent Link for this game again?? Thanks so Much DM
  3. strider123


    hm... im searching for the torrent file..cant seem to find it.. kinda new in the interface hehehe
  4. strider123


    yeah...this is really good...thanks for this DM..since i cant post and logged in that much..ill try to help by seeding your games..
  5. strider123

    Songs of love and romance

    if you have played crescendo there are two very nice theme song there... 1 . The Sky of A Sunset 2. To Favorite you if you know how to play the piano i would really like to recommend you to play that to your girlfriend
  6. strider123


    yup i doesnt work though......i guess it only runs on fullscreen mode....anyways...this is a great game for me...i love fighting games...
  7. strider123


    a noob question does anyone figure out how to run this on windows mode??
  8. strider123


    i havent finished playing princess general i see this.. THIS IS PRIORITY ONE LOLZ...definitely gonna play this one...after all...its a EUSHULLY game...hahha
  9. strider123


    no argue there.... when it comes to hentai...even i watches incest....well thats because they're just characters in a story...however in real DM said its kinda Sick... i really dont want..or should i say..I NEVER WANT to see a 18 year old daughter kissing a 50 old Father...
  10. strider123


    thanks for fulfilling my request DM....many many THANKS Man...
  11. my very first game request.... Advance thanks DM...
  12. strider123


    hm......this one really looks good....TENTACLES stuff... :blink: is this related somehow to the h-movie Blood Royale? one thing is for sure...from the pictures...THIS IS WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY beyond that of the movie... oh...and you got part 1 and 2 also...NICE NICE!!
  13. strider123


    wow...this one looks great...the graphics looks smooth and awesome..and on top of that..they' are nurses LOL...nice release DM...after i downloaded it..gonna seed this for about a 3 weeks or so. thanks again and most of all its roughly 700mb nice nice..
  14. strider123


    im not really sure..i think the torrent works will have a difficulty searching for some seeders since this has been posted a year ago.. i suggest better go to the Reseeding Section and ask for it to be reseeded
  15. strider123


    hm.....this one really looks good...thanks a bunch DM.....ill seed it after i have finished downloading it... from the pictures...i "think" this one is a RPG not really sure...but i think so...anyways THANKS AGAIN DM