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  1. BOFH_of_OZ


    After install, the game (on my PC. of course) crashes on Day 4, right after meeting Rena and seeing that electric blast. Anyone had the same problem? Japanese set everywhere, tried different compatibility settings... something's screwed up, and I'm not sure what. P.S. That was Sony streaming MPEG filter/plugin. Removed it and everything works.
  2. BOFH_of_OZ


    Looks awesome! All hail DM! ^_^
  3. BOFH_of_OZ


    "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." So, the tracker isn't down, it just doesn't want to let anyone download... ^_^
  4. BOFH_of_OZ

    Thomas No Chikan 痴漢者トーマス

    Same problem here. Windows XP SP2, all specs are more than enough. Japanese set as default everywhere. Tried the torrent one, and another version obtained through direct download. Same problem with both. Any pointers appreciated...
  5. BOFH_of_OZ

    Rapelay レイプレイ

    I have sound turned off ^_^ ...You can try to make the CHECKLIST word *green*. Red and green are high-contrast colors, maybe that will attract some attention. Bright green, maybe flashing as well ^_^
  6. It's not possible to break ISO into parts, unless you reassemble them later for playing. The DVD version 1 ISO image.
  7. BOFH_of_OZ

    Biko 3 尾行3

    That or use Applocale... I just switch - easier... what he said ^_^ The NFO and the FAQ hold all the answers... ??? LMFAO!!! Sorry, couldn't help it... "Ittekimasu" is Japanese for "I'm leaving now" (that assumes I will be back),similar to "over and out" in military communications. My actual nick is BOFH... ^_^ Basically,you should try setting the locale (non-Unicode language) and putting a no-DVD patch. Worked for me. ~ Ittekimasu ~
  8. BOFH_of_OZ

    Biko 3 尾行3

    Just to be sure... is your default Non-Unicode language set to Japanese? That, and the codecs, are the most common causes AFAIK... ~ Ittekimasu ~
  9. BOFH_of_OZ

    Oppai 2 おっぱいスライダー2

    ...or just a single nipple ^_^ I know Japanese obsession with big tits, but why would an english-speaking guy want something so big that even Japs didn't think about making it ^_^
  10. No prob. It's the common rules of using these games - check the included files, search the Net, search the forum, THEN ask. ^_^ ~ Sayonara ~
  11. I hate to remind you folks, but... RTFM! That kind of questions is what annoys the other forum members, pisses off the admins and gets you banned :twisted: The text file that comes with the game has description of the combos for every character. Wikipedia has the same. Dozens of sites have them. Just look. ^_^ Healing, eh? Click and drag the mouse around. *Very* complicated, right? Especially when it's standard Illusion's game interface... *sigh, whatever...* ~ Sayonara ~
  12. Start learning it ^_^ Their writing system sucks, though - two syllable-based character systems plus adapted Chinese ideograms... and all three used in the same sentence! ~ Sayonara ~
  13. Well, yes there is a way - you translate the text, you make the patch, you test it, you release it... And no, I'm not sarcastic - that's how all english *patches* are made. Either that, or buy an english version of a game released by the manufacturer... ~ Sayonara ~