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  1. what got you into hentai?

    yeah i think fan service did a big part for me =] i tried to watch and read as much ecchi as i could lol
  2. what got you into hentai?

    haha yeah read odama above me, he quoted what i said lol
  3. what got you into hentai?

    raging hormones from hell is usually the case for me =D
  4. Favorite Hentai Fetish?

    for me the most pefect hentai for me was Taboo
  5. Come say hi!!

    hello my name is Mark im 18 and i live in Northern California =D
  6. what got you into hentai?

    haha i was in middle school when i played it
  7. what got you into hentai?

    the first h game (well sort of) was Ganguro (spelling?) Girl on newgrounds.com haha
  8. what got you into hentai?

    haha yes no shame at all
  9. what got you into hentai?

    for me it was in middle school and limewire. i downloaded a video and it turned out to actually be hentai and it all went down hill from there lol
  10. Girl Next Door Review

    Summary this story is about a high school kid who is about to finish his year of highschool. at the time his friend was in a hurry to loose his virginity, while the main character wanted to save himself for the girl that he met and feel in love with as a child (cliche). he couldn't exactly remember who it was so he wanted to find her and loose his virginity to her and be with her. My Thoughts i thought this anime was alright. it was a little to childish for me, and the fact that their dicks where like candy cane red did not really impress me. but over all it was a typical cliche hentai. it was alright and it was worth downloading not buying. but yeah if you want to check it out yourself, go ahead, im not saying not to. Link http://www2.hshare.net/index.php?act=attac...post&id=599
  11. Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    sorry i know, im basically new and havent took the time to look around =[ sorry for the noobness
  12. Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    everytime i try to read the NFO it says its either corrupted or not recognized