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  1. LoneWoolf

    Eroi エロ医

    to dm: yes to twi: i can't even start to download. My provider has a couple of wierd firewalls but they don't get in the way of my downloads they just protect my ip.... to both: i don't think my firewall is a problem considering the fact that i've already downloaded a couple of games and even rapelay which is older than this one ( yes i'm seeding them too) and that's the way i've done till now.... saved the torrents on my desktop and then started downloading them...
  2. LoneWoolf

    Eroi エロ医

    k i'll try using bitcomet EDIT: okay... now i'm really pissed... i tried using uTorrent bitcomet and vuze(aka azureus) and all of them tell me that the torrent is corrupt.... does anyone else have this problem?
  3. LoneWoolf

    Eroi エロ医

    the torrent is corrupt... or so it says when i try to open it... and i'm using utorrent 1.8 in case you're asking....
  4. LoneWoolf

    Summer Days

    downloaded and seedin' about the alternative endings... well i haven't played it yet so i can only guess... in the original school days there's a special ending with setsuna added after a happy ending for sekai (bavarois) and kotonoha (carnal desire) and it only appears under some circumstances(also it's only available on the ps2 version of the game) so i guess there must be something hidden in this game too... try looking for full walkthroughs...
  5. LoneWoolf

    School Days

    tell me about it :D i only have a 36 gig harddisk and most of it is used for windows xp and 98... But i managed to download it somehow and i think it's one of the best games made...
  6. LoneWoolf


    That's a nice review... I'm going to look 4 this game. Already bought a few similar ones...
  7. LoneWoolf


    awesome gfx!
  8. LoneWoolf


    interesting... is that a small strategy game besides the h scenes?
  9. LoneWoolf


    nice game
  10. have u tried to change the windows compatibility to 98? oh and what video card do u have ! i tried the game on my geforce5200 and it work great! but my firend seems to have the same problem and he has an mx4400
  11. LoneWoolf

    Pachi Pachi

    this game is similar to the love fetish series.... is it good?
  12. i've played the other small game which flydragon89 posted and i like it! i'll down this too!
  13. LoneWoolf

    Punyupuri XX Yami Maid

    nice storyline... grim... like it!
  14. LoneWoolf


    Just roll the mouse dude... Just roll the mouse!
  15. LoneWoolf

    Come say hi!!

    My name Is Wolfie aka The incontrolable drunk psycho! I'm 22! Dumped by over 116 girls and counting.... I had a lot of jobs.... been fired several times.... and now I'm a computer freak! And when my boss doesn't see me. I post stuff on this forum or watch new naruto manga and eps! A lot of buddies which share my fate and addiction! No I don't smoke and I hate drugs! I allmost killed someone with a football and got arrested several times for car accidents! My dad hates me and my mom doesn't know I'm alive! And now let me work! or else I'll get fired again!!! P.S. I'm also sadistic! [EDIT] 1 day later... make that 117!