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  1. twi41

    hentai suggestion

    Have a look at some of the Chichinoya works.
  2. twi41

    Rinjoku No Shiro Kairai No Ou

    Try 7zip, winrar, or winzip.
  3. twi41

    Cross Days クロスデイズ

    If you see ?????????????'s then it's a language setting.
  4. No idea, sounds interesting though.
  5. Please try the install from this site first then post again.
  6. Lilith actively goes after places that host the stuff.
  7. Check out the manga if you like this.
  8. twi41

    ANIMO No.02 [RAW] [3D]

    The first link is if you want to watch the whole thing as 1 long video. The second link is if you want to watch them individually as many separate flash files.
  9. twi41

    Come say hi!!

  10. twi41


    If you are having the problem in windowed try it in full screen.
  11. Heya Timmy, not common knowledge but when posting external links you need to put