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  1. chickentogo


    I have finished downloading the torrent. You know DM uploaded the torrent file to many bittorrent site and so you can try google search for something like chaste.torrent.
  2. chickentogo


    For some unknown reasons I got a message saying that the torrent is invalid. Could someone check this or kind enough to upload the torrent file for me somewhere. Thanks in advance!
  3. chickentogo


    save data Details on how to apply the save: If you are using windows XP, copy the mahoujin.dat to this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Your username\Application Data\RollingStar\???????? and overwrite the existing file . Note: Application Data is a hidden folder and you must enable showing hidden files in Folder options to see it. Also you the folder name may not be ???????? if you dont have Japanese language pack installed. If you are using windows Vista, do the same process as above but this time the folder path is: C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\RollingStar\???????? . AppData is also a hidden folder. Cheers
  4. chickentogo


    Im using windows Vista, when i try to install the game, error message 1155 always appears, anyone has any clue on how to fix this?
  5. chickentogo


    Great!, my request you are the ONE DM BTW, theres another Getchu link for the game: Getchu
  6. chickentogo


    Lol,it does not say you have to you Daemon tools, using alcohol 120 doesnt hurt either
  7. chickentogo


    You might have used an old version of PowerIso and the game isos are packed with newer version. The same problem happened to me when I failed to mount another game with Power Iso and Daemon Tools 3.47 but was solved by using Daemon tools 4.09.
  8. Hi, would like to request this game, it took me forever to search through the internet and all I have found are some dead torrents lolz. Getchu Link Thanks in advance!!!
  9. chickentogo


    Awesome , been waiting for this one for so long ;)
  10. chickentogo

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    Which version of windows are you using? I can help you make it genuine so that theres no needs to worry about this problem
  11. chickentogo

    SexTeaBeach 2

    Thank you DM and welcome to your return. :D BTW, this game was posted in the Non-Hentaishare releases 3 weeks ago:
  12. :D Man, I have seen the download speed of 2.3MB/s and upload speed of 270 Kb/s. Thats is fuking fast Internet
  13. The first error message tells you that the shortcut is wrong. But how come you have that shortcutfilename like that. Totally confused man. I think you should have something like blah blah blah\7ONLINE\7ONLINE.EXE in the shortcut part. The second message just telling you that setup is completed . The third error message..., it says its unable to run the game? (wat's that) My recommendation is you should reinstall the game with the default location and dont change it(remeber to check HDD space too) . One more thing, I have just installed the game and when i first run it, it asks me to confirm something (i use applocate so the text is unreadable), maybe that's what your computer doesnt have ? Flash player? java? or direct X? And you is wrong. It should be like this http://img521.imageshack...message1vk6.jpg (two http://)
  14. Can u post an image for me to have an idea what it looks like?
  15. chickentogo

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    Man, did you change the location in regional setting? This is important as the game will recognise that your computer "is not in Japan" and wont let you run it.