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  1. Soukou Akki Muramasa

    Deathmarine, Is it possible to reup this if you get a chance, please? I know it's old but I'm playing Nitro Blasterz on the PS4...I wanted to play the VN that goes with one of the major characters too. Thanks if you can.
  2. .Majodou

    Got it and now I'm seeding!
  3. .Majodou

  4. Looking for the name of this game

    You are awesome!!!
  5. Requesting this Witch game

    Can we delete this entry?
  6. Looking for the name of this game

    I know I dled it from Hshare in the past (years previous) but I can't find the disks anymore. I only have these images and can't remember what the game was called. Any help, even with just the title so I can try to find it would be super appreciated.
  7. I know I dled it from Hshare in the past (years previous) but I can't find the disks anymore.
  8. Drawing Anime

    I'dbe interested in the colouring tutorial. I find the drawing part the easier of the two...colouring adds so much and makes the image come to life...at least for me. Thanks!
  9. Utawarerumono (English Patch)

    Anyone see the non-hentai anime of this? Pretty weird...and long. Especially knowing the source material. Not like Fate/Stay Night. Thanks for the post, DM.
  10. Mrs.Junkie

    Thanks very much! This is a nice early Christmas present!
  11. .Discipline.LS

    So this is the Sequel to the original Discipline or a Special Edition? Let me know if you can, please. Thanks!
  12. Oppai No Ouja 48

    This is one of the best games I have played in a long while. Animated, quick, great designs, gigantic breasts...can't ask for more!
  13. .Shimai.Tsuma.3

    Thanks DM
  14. .Fate.Hollow.Ataraxia

    It's like a sequel...a year after the ending of Fate/Stay, I think. Either that or it's just a return to that world but after all the fighting is over and the same characters with a few extras. Some great CGs.
  15. .Knight.of.the.Witchhunt

    Gold! Thank you!