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It all started with a site called Hentai Closet and a game from the Sogna Viper Series. That was my first taste of hentai games. That site was eventually closed because of legal threats by jlist(i know, ironic). That lead me to IRC where I started to distribute games. That is where i met Asqualla. We got along very well together. I evetually found a room called Kaigu(which was the cream of the crop on IRC) and got to stay since i served so much stuff. Noobs used to refer to the people in Kaigu as gods LOL. Things where going great until dalnet exploded! Thousands of pervs got sent flying everywhere. They ended up on many different IRC servers which people scrambling to find their old "home" room. Things never recovered and found myself releasing stuff on a new p2p called edonkey/emule. I was doing that for awhile until asqualla found me again. He set up a website called HentaiShare. It was a Joomla site at the time. Then a joomla site plus a forum. Then I bought IPB and the site became just a forum. Little did i know that Asqualla has actually started the site a year prior but never really getting it off the ground. Once i was on board i released like crazy on a new p2p called bittorrent making the site popularity explode. Eventually the name got changed to Hshare and to what you see it as today.


I also seem to have a reputation of being an asshole and people being afraid to post because they think i'll rip their heads off. Maybe when i first started the site but lately that all behind me. Now realizing that the site is not about me and what i release but about the games and anime i release for people to enjoy.