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  1. Reversible

    im having issues installing the game. Whenever i try to mount the MDS file onto daemon tools it doesnt work, i always get an error message. I tried using alchohol 120% and that didnt work either. i tried extracting the MDS file aswell and i got "Cannot create reversible.mdf" any suggestions?
  2. Suima 睡魔 episode1

    thank deathmarine! downloading now.
  3. Yureru Bus Guide

    Im having some problems, i downloaded the game and double clicked setup.exe, it would reach 99% of the installation but then it would crash and i would get the " this system has encountered a problem and needs to close" pop up. after aq few trys or getting it to work i quit and not to long ago Avast found a virus inside the setup.exe? am i the only one receiving this problem?
  4. Can someone help me? whenever i run the game, a few seconds into the start after you chose the name for your character i receive the "TsumaBoin has encountered a problem and needs to close, sorry for the inconvenience." it then asks me to send an error report or not. is there a way to fix this?