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  1. oracle81

    Nukenin The Animated Version

    Haha...yeah...that does sound kinda strange.
  2. Thanks! I'll check it out and seed for a while!
  3. the download link to work now. Might have been a temporary thing.
  4. Hey DM, is there a torrent available? The download link isn't working for me. Thanks!
  5. oracle81

    Riding Noah

    Thanks DM! Strangely, there seems to be two parts that are not available in the edit and gallery.
  6. oracle81

    Knight Of Fire Aitona

    I have all scenes, but it's been a while since I got them. You may have to search, and you may have better luck searching for "Ytona". I vaguely remember that you have to win in battle, lose in battle, and that there was a "true" ending.
  7. Not a problem! Looking forward to it!
  8. Does anyone happen to have the subtitle file? The link is telling me that I need a premium membership. Or maybe it's all just user error.
  9. oracle81

    Pretty Kaleidoscope

    Thanks for the upload, DM! Also thanks for the walkthrough and synopsis, 07cbdj!
  10. oracle81

    Sisters - The Last Day Of Summer

    Thought they looked familiar. Don't mind me. Swift as paint drying today.
  11. oracle81

    Sisters - The Last Day Of Summer

    Nice! I think I've seen captures of this, but might be fun to try the game. Thanks!