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    oracle81 got a reaction from Vegita1 in Natural EP01-02 [RAW] [UNCEN]   
    Thanks! Pretty sure I've seen this one, but I'll d/l this one and the other in the series and seed for a while.
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    oracle81 got a reaction from Kintaro Oe in Dubbed Or Subbed   
    Subbed for me. While I don't think English dubs are as bad as they used to be, I don't think that's saying a whole lot. There's less issues in subbing with timing words so you don't get as many horrific translation problems, the quality of the voice actors is usually better, and there are some phrases and grammar in Japanese that I think doesn't translate well (or at all) to English. For instance, the different forms of address just don't really have any good translation in English, IMO. Then there's the fact that there is no real equivalent of Kansai-ben. A lot of times I think they use an American Southern accent, but IMO it is not the same and implies a different type of cultural stereotype.

    And all those yahoos that would call me a weaboo or whatever and ask why I should listen to something when I can't understand the language...they can kiss my Japanese American behind, since I've grown up watching Japanese serials with subtitles and can understand some of what they're saying.

    ...can you tell I needed to vent a little? ^_^
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    oracle81 got a reaction from Dizzy in What do you think?   
    Well, one completely stupid nit-picky thing I would say is if you could do something a little less harsh than a white background. I really do like the featured series with nice large thumbnails and all the rest of them down there, but the plain white without anything...like color or pattern or something...makes it feel a little unfinished.

    And you know...there's nothing WRONG with going a little Bible Black crazy. Unless it's like the last con I went to and there were kids that were obviously in their early teens cosplaying Bible Black. That was effing disturbing.
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    oracle81 got a reaction from Dizzy in What do you think?   
    Simple but nice layout. Having the thumbnail images right there before you even click on a series in some ways makes things a little easier I think than a forum format. Or more...um...consumable...I guess.

    ...and Discipline is the best selling hentai of all time? I had no idea. LOL