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  1. bravestarr85


    I like this game so far. The dialogues seem to be more.. I don't know, intelligent and humorous then other games in this genre use to be. Its quite refreshing. Thanks for releasing, DM + Dizzy.
  2. bravestarr85

    @Home Mate @ふぉーむメイト

    Errormessage is on page 10. Looks to me like you didn't use applocale/switch to JP (FI it says). Did you try reading the .nfo file? I'm just wondering why I didn't play this game yet. Guess it's going to be a fun weekend.
  3. bravestarr85

    3D Custom Girl 3Dカスタム少女

    Yes it's actually a bit boring. I reckon the main part of the game is to dress/style your girl, and see the result as she poses or gets fucked. Not that I hate it though, had fun with dressing SB3 girls, too. Maybe it's because I don't like those anime-cellshader-graphics too much. But - if you're a fan of it - this game must be really something. And as mentioned before, there are a an immense quantity of mods.
  4. bravestarr85


    Never heard that term, but is it like the Felghana series? If yes, I'd be really looking forward if you'd upload some. Had so much fun/was so much challenge playing it. I'm also enjoying round based stategy stuff like battle moon wars (Type-moon charakters).
  5. bravestarr85


    Enjoy your time, DV. :spin:
  6. bravestarr85

    Dubbed Or Subbed

    Couldn't agree more. I even expand it to non-animes at well. Always original sound - with a few exceptions. I'm not sure if most asian-movies are as bad synced in english as in german, but its really messed up.
  7. bravestarr85


    Thank you kind sir, thats way better. My eye doctor approves of this. Sorry for missing the "well this is it" thread, Dizzy. I'm usually not complaining before getting proper information but well.. you know.. this white was way too white for my taste, so I couldnt browse properly.. and stuff (yes, yes just a lame excuse). Now its fixed and everything is fine. Perfectly happy. Heh.. work from 8.30 to 7 (it's 7.49 am right now, gotta leave soon). :D But well, its thursday, weekends just ahead. 2 days, just 2 more days.
  8. bravestarr85


    Im sure this was asked 400 times before, but is there a way to switch back that very aggressive and bright white? I used to have a blackbluegrayish board, now its all white. :D Uh and another thing, wasnt there a "lillith - shion - cruel magical angel - whatever" release yesterday? I thought I posted in such a thread. It was like "sweet, made a post ... aaaannnd its gone". Could be I'm dreaming up stuff, not sure. Found it, just was looking it up in the wrong sections. Im somewhat confused these days, must be the heat - and that blinding white board.
  9. Looks interesting. Thanks! // Subtitle link doesnt work tho.. "file not found" it says. :D
  10. bravestarr85

    @Home Mate @ふぉーむメイト

    Thank you!!
  11. bravestarr85

    .Saya.No.Uta link to the English localization of the game. Enjoy. And thanks for the upload, DM. This game is a masterpiece.
  12. bravestarr85


    Yes, now this looks really good.
  13. bravestarr85


    Still recovering.
  14. bravestarr85


    I like your w40k site. As a novice I find your introduction very interesting. The supply section is also very helpful. I wish I had the chance to read it before ordering stuff randomly. So.. I've learned a lot just now. I'll definately check it often for updates. Keep it up!
  15. bravestarr85

    Favourite Music / Genre ?

    Yes, I am drunk. And I like Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti.