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  1. I seem to be having a problem with playing the game. I switched to Japanese regional settings and all that junk. Using Windows Vista and the game has installed successfully. Installed voice recognization as well as DirectX. but when I play the game, this happens. It seems the window, for the game, was in the process of opening. if you look carefully you can see the borders of the window. The message appears after the borders and when when I click ok, It kicks me out of the game. Has anyone else had a problem like this?
  2. I'm having problems with playing this game. The installation went smoothly, and I am able to run it, but when I start a new game, that's where the problems start. I don't post on this forum often so I don't know exactly how to upload images here. because of that, I'll do my best to describe what happens. Ok so I start a new game and the opening story scene starts to play. I'm able to right click and everything up until a little bit after the girl, in the blue school uniform and black hair, is shown on the screen. So it gets the point where I'm standing next to her (on her right), and I hear something that sounds like the train stopping. After that sound ends, there is no sound or music playing. the Story text on the screen goes away, and I can no longer right click. It's strange, because the game didn't freeze at all. If you look out the corner of the nearby window, you can see bits of buildings still passing by. It happens in both window mode and full screen. and I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it several times. I've even downloaded the file all over again. It's almost as if the game can't transition to the next scene. well that's my problem.
  3. Okay so now I understand how to take an image off a website, but what do I type when I want to get it from my computer?
  4. alright, I feel stupid right now because I took a web design course this summer and right now I can't figure out how to post a screen shot. I've never done this on forums before, so how exactly is it done?
  5. I'll try, it comes up when you run setup. I don't know if I did this right so the image may not show up. I have yet to swicth my unicode back to japanese so not all of the letters are right. I don't know if that makes a difference though. ----Edit---- nope, didn't work. let give me a moment to figure this out, it may take a few edits.
  6. so then I'm guessing I was supposed to use deamon tools. I refuse to do so! Deamon tools messed up my computer one too many times! That being the case, will you please help me?
  7. Okay, I finished burning the iso image on to a disk and am ready to install it. however on the install screen, with the three buttons, two of them are like disabled or some thing, and one of them (the last one) can be click but it closes the program. what should I do? I'm going to blam this one on vista agian. ***details*** -before trying to install the game I reinstalled AG3 ***Idea*** will the game still work if I copy the files on the disk Into the proper folders? if so, where would I place the folder with japanese lettering?
  8. don't see any options even when i move the mouse in the bottom right. Is it normal not to be able to right click at that point in time. cause when i right click then the menu doesnt show up.
  9. ok... I feel like a complete idiot for asking, but here goes. I can't get pass the first story scene on the train... when they show a close up of the back of the black haired girl's head on the train I am suddenly unable to do anything. the game has not frozen, I just can't do anything. any ideas?
  10. Pezz570

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Just out of curiosity, is there any actually way to get the guy to eat his food while some other girl is enjoying her fabulous meal. If there is, then I've made a lot of food go to waste.
  11. Pezz570

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    I'm having the same damn problem. Do you have Vista? if so, 32bit or 64bit? I've been spending alot of time trying to get it to work but I think it hates me. did you have any problems with installation?
  12. Pezz570

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Okay, after a good night's sleep, I managed to change the registry key, but it doesn't seem to do anything special. I've even tried deleting the original key but that doesn't help so I restored it. I going to try reinstalling it like you're suggesting. sigh...
  13. Pezz570

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Thanks for replying but it seems I've hit yet another problem. You think that someone would give me a break here! While waiting for your reply I did some research and managed to get into the registry editor myself. I must be an idiot for not thinking about doing that before. I've done everything you said several times over and yet the registry key refuses to change. I'm beginning to wonder if it would be easier just to wipe my computer, install Windows XP, and then work with that. But it's not worth doing that is it? I don't know, someone hand me a gun. I think I want to go shoot myself in the head!
  14. Pezz570

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Thanks for the save file, however, unless I'm putting the file in the wrong place, I don't think that's what's wrong. now that I'm reading that wiki page again, the quote you posted from it sounds very similar to my problem. I'm trying to follow the directions that were given, but I don't know where or what the registry path is. If you or someone else could fill me in on this I will be very thankful! thank you for being so helpful so far. I swear, I'm about to pull my hair out!

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