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  1. Sexy Beach Zero SexyビーチZERO

    This game looks older than Sexy Beach 3. The pictures have antiquated 3d rendering. How can I get to see the girls when I can't even get through the dialogues and controls? It will be a hit and miss guessing game unless we have an English mod patch.
  2. Echi scenes are more dramatic than the previous illusion games like rapelay and sexy beach. It's as if they motion captured the various techniques of well-known performers of the porn-industry.
  3. Kai Kadowakashi

    Installation in my pc went just fine. I had no problems mounting both image files. But when i ran it, it brought up a dos window that says "program too big to fit to memory" for a half-second then it's gone. I'm using Pentium 4 with 1.5G memory and a NVIDIA 5200 video card. Windows XP SP3.
  4. Kai Kadowakashi

    xp sp3 here. It brought up a dos window for a half-second then it's gone.
  5. Finished downloading but RAR files appear to be corrupted. Looks like i have to spend another 3 days downloading them. Or are they REALLY corrupted? :D
  6. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    That took care of it. Thanks!
  7. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Oh, I thought you we're asking about the illusion wizard. The illusion wizard doesn't have any hotkeys so i bet you we're referring to the trainers. The trainers don't work on my PC too, I bet those mods people are having a hard time isolating the memory addresses for each trait. But I'm pretty sure that the Illusion Wizard works (and also the trait editor) because it has a feature that edits the character files of your creations and apply extensive modifications without you requiring to run the game program simultaneously.
  8. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Here.... Illusion Wizard
  9. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Yeah right. Kiss, fondle, and lick but don't make her orgasm. And of course there's the bathroom crasher technique. I just wish there's a way of getting the desired result without doing all that.
  10. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    All of the trainers don't work and the Illusion Wizard is only good in changing the friendship/love/jealousy. Is there something that will change the horniness level to make the ladies glistening with sweat and red-cheeked right away?
  11. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    I encountered that problem before. I'm not so sure why the program sometimes act that way. Try doing the procedure in a different directory, like your desktop or the "My Documents" folder.
  12. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    You're character was bobbitized! Better get rid of those scissors and kitchen knives, those ladies might think of punishing you for being a sex addict.
  13. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    I must admit. Just like in the porn industry, the best pieces of work are those that have less story and more action. No more beating around the bush and go straight directly to business. And the winner is Sexy Beach, 2nd place goes to Rapelay. :blink: :D
  14. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    ^^ oops i realized that i didn't follow the instructions carefully. I did it again (religiously this time) and the interface is now in English..hehehe
  15. Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Does the English Interface Mod by Wurlox only affect the AG3_Make program? I realize that the interface in AG3_Play are all graphical so there's no luck replacing the japanese characters in it.