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  1. frank


    Thanks! DLing it now..
  2. frank

    Harem Mate ハーレムめいと

    No problems, the torrent seems to be working great now! Below is a general list of trackers you can use both for creating torrents and downloading other people's torrents (potentially) faster.
  3. frank

    Harem Mate ハーレムめいと

    Can you please add a Torrent download for those of us on intermittent internet connections? There is a no chance I can download 1GB (8 hours) without disconnecting. And since I cannot resume the download I am perpetually screwed.
  4. Ah thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure if my cheap (Home Premium) version of W7 could switch over to Japanese. The old way of doing it (XP, Vista), if I remember correctly, was under the Keyboards & Languages Tab, which is pretty much empty on my copy of W7. So far I have not ran into any problems that AppLocale couldn't solve, but now I at least know what to try if I do run into problems. Edit-Apparently my memory is terrible, the method has not changed at all. It always was the "Language for Non-Unicode" setting.
  5. Thanks, just started downloading, will reply back with what I like & dislike.